March 20, 2016

5th Work Food Swap

Some ladies at work that I'm friends with suggested having another work food swap.  We enjoy doing this.  So I organized it and one day during our lunch break we did our food swap.  This was the 5th one.  We always like doing an even swap so everyone gets to take home one of each item.  It's better that way and no one gets their feelings hurt because they didn't get something they really wanted.  :)  It's a win win!  :)

We had 6 people for this swap.  (Sharon, Sam, Gayle, Jane, Sue and me)

Here's everything on the table.   Here's Sam and Jane.

Sam made a apple cinnamon bread.  So yummy!!

Jane made butter.  Shut the front door!!  She made an unsalted butter and a salted butter.  Both were delicious.  My husband really loved it.  We used up the butter during the week with dinner. (bread, potatoes etc)

Gayle made greek yogurt blueberry muffins.  Delicious!!!

Sharon made Ice cube Chocolate covered Strawberries.  Chocolate and Strawberries.....yes please!!!

Here's some cookies cut up for sampling.

Everyone got a package of cookies and a bottle of orange extract.

Here's my plate of yummy food!  :)

(I forgot a picture of Sue's items up close.  She ended up bring 3 things to share with us)  Sue made pulled bbq pork sammiches, potato salad and white beans.  

We all had fun and enjoy catching up with one another during our food swap.

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