September 25, 2015

Toddler Lunches wk 9/21

I brought all my lunches to work again this week.


I packed 2 slices of leftover LC cheese bread, turkey stick, hard boiled egg and some fresh pineapple.

Breakfast/Snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, apple, rf pb and a banana.


I packed leftover LC pizza slice and cheese bread, and fresh pineapple.

I also picked up a few things at store that morning and grabbed this pumpkin spice yogurt.

So creamy and I added a pumpkin mellowcreme.  I love these little things.  :)

Breakfast/Snacks:  quest bar, banana, rf pb and apple.


2 hard boiled eggs, rf mozz string cheese, turkey stick, fresh pineapple, grapes, and some fresh garden toms.

I also had sf pudding with some animal crackers.

Breakfast/Snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, apple, rf pb and a banana.


hard boiled egg, blue tortilla chips, salsa, pineapple, rf mozz string cheese and a small slice of homemade brownie.

Breakfast/Snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, apple, rf pb and a banana.


hard boiled egg, pineapple, rf mozz string cheese, granola, and strawberry yogurt.

Breakfast/Snacks:  quest bar, apple, banana, rf pb and a broken homemade choc chip cookie.

September 20, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #38

So, my peppermint plants dried up and died.  I threw them out.  I do need to clean the pots.  I have several in the shed that I need to clean one nice fall day.

Here's the garden.

I still have tomatoes growing.

And tomato flowers blooming.

I picked one tomato early in the week.

I picked 3 toms this morning.

I did decide to plant some seeds for the greenhouse.  I picked up some little plastic pots from the dollar tree a few weeks ago.

I went through my seeds and looked to see what I should plant.

I laid the pots out.  12 containers came in each package.  I just used one package and put them on an old cookie sheet that I use for gardening.

I put soil in each.

I then put seeds in them.  6 peas, 1 green bean and 5 sunflowers.

I then took the tray to my greenhouse and placed on my shelf.

I watered everyone.  Now we wait. :)

Now I gotta decide what else I want to plant.

Toddler Lunches wk 9/14

I used my tupperware containers this week for my lunches.


I had a turkey stick, rf string cheese, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers and a hard boiled egg.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, triple zero yogurt, cashews, rf pb, and banana.


I brought string cheese, grapes, cucumbers and mini saltines.

I also brought leftover spaghetti for my lunch.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, honey crisp apple, rb pb, banana and monster mix.  The monster mix I didn't eat b/c I went to a health fair and had a mini cupcake instead.


2 hard boiled eggs, grapes, strawberries, rf string cheese, and cucumbers.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, apple, rf pb, banana and the monster mix (not pictured) that I didn't eat yesterday.


hard boiled egg, grapes, cucumbers, and rf string cheese.

I brought some leftover pork estofado.

I ate some baked chips with the pork estofado.  I got these chips at the health fair.

I also had some skinny cow dreamy clusters for after lunch as dessert.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, banana, rf pb and triple zero yogurt.


I'd planned a lunch date with some co-workers.  We went to cheeburger cheeburger.  Sometimes it's nice to just get out of work even if it's just for an hour.  I got a burger with just provolone cheese and I shared my fries with a co-worker.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, apple, banana, rb pb, hard boiled egg, grapes, cucumbers and rf string cheese.

Balsamic Chicken and Veggies

I found this recipe for a Balsamic Chicken and Veggie dish.  It looked easy to make and sounded great so I made it.

I used:

-2 chicken breasts
-asparagus (cut up)
-carrots (cut into strips)
cherry tomatoes (cut up)
-onion (chopped)
-olive oil
-salt n pepper
-balsamic vinegar
-italian dressing
-bacon bits

I cut up the chicken breasts into strips and cooked in on my stove grill pan until it was done.  While the chicken was cooking I cooked the veggies until they were tender.

It was delicious.  Everything tasted great.  :)

Farm Stand 9/16

On my way to work the other morning, I made a quick stop at the farm stand downtown.  I just needed some onions so I bought three.

Only spent $1.95 for 3 big onions.  :)

Pork Estofado

I came across this recipe for Pork Estofado and thought it sounded great so I decided to make it for dinner the other night.

I used:

-pork loin (I used a pork loin that I cooked ahead during meal prep.  So, I just cut it up into cubes. )
-minced garlic
-olive oil
-red potatoes (chopped)
-bell pepper (chopped)
-carrots (chopped)
-salt and pepper
-can of tomato sauce
-w sauce and soy sauce
-red pepper flakes

I heated my pan with garlic and olive oil.  I then cooked the onions and after 2 minutes added the peppers.  Next, I added the veggies, sauces and pepper flakes.  I let everything cook up with the lid on pan until it all came together and everything was tender.  This turned out great.  The flavors were amazing.  It was sort of like a stew and was very filling.  I will make this again.

Pork Strips and Veggies

 I was inspired by this recipe.

I used:

-Pork loin cut up into strips (already cooked ahead)
-2 tbsp honey
-soy sauce
-minced garlic
-olive oil
-ground ginger
-bell pepper (cut into strips)
-onion (cut into strips)
-carrots (cut into strips)
-whole grain brown rice

I cooked onions with some garlic and olive oil.  I then added the pork strips, onion, bell pepper, carrots, soy sauce, honey and ground ginger and cooked until everything was tender.  I served over brown rice.  It was good.

Trip to the Library

I put some books on hold at the library and went to pick them up when they were ready.

Front of Library

Back of Library

Grabbed my card and went in.

Before I went to the hold shelf. I walked around and looked at books.

I didn't know where I was walking.  But I stumbled upon the gardening section.  haha

I flipped through several books.

So many books.  How do you choose one? 

More books....

I grabbed a few and then went and got the 3 books I had on hold and checked them all out.

I can't wait to go through them.