December 22, 2013

Spotsylvania Farmers Market: Visit 5 (Gordon Road)

Yesterday, I went to the Farmers Market for their last one until Spring.  I wanted to get some fresh veggies and just walk about and see what there was.

There wasn't many farmers there like there is earlier in the season but there was still plenty to see.

I stopped off at C&T Produce.  I had an e-mail to save 20% off your total purchase.

Bagged potatoes.  I was tempted but that's a lot of potatoes.  LOL

I picked up 3 green peppers.

Lots of beautiful lettuce.

I got 2 big carrots.  These things were HUGE.  LOL

I also picked up 2 tomaotes (I gave 1 to my dad) and I got a loaf of Apple Scrapple bread from the great harvest stand.  The vendor gave me a sample and it was delicious.  It had pieces of apple in the bread and there was a crumb topping on top.  Yum!

Here's everything I got (except tomato I gave my dad).

I had $30 and only spent $12 on everything.  :)

Birthday dinner for Nate, Kristen and Dave

After the craft fair, we surprised Dave and drove up to Woodbridge to Bobby's Burger Palace for birthday dinner.  We celebrated Nate's, Kristen's and Dave's birthdays.

If you've never been it reminded me a lot like Fuddruckers.

I got the original burger.  Kristen and Dave got a burger with a fried egg on top.  I wished I'd known about that one because I would have loved to try it.  My burger was good though.  :)

There was pictures all around.  I liked this one the best because it was of bacon.  MMMMM  LOL

My fries

I also got the black and white milkshake.  It's chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  It was $5.  Yeah, I got a $5 shake.  (pulp fiction reference)  This shake had the biggest straw ever.  LOL  :)

The food was good but the place is really small.  You order your food and sit down and they bring it to you once it's ready.  We exchanged presents when we got in the car.  I think everyone enjoyed their birthday dinner and gifts.  :)

Craft Fair to sell Extracts and Cookies

Kristen and I had our first craft fair last weekend to sell our homemade extracts.  It was a lot of fun.  We sold some and we got our product out there in the world to be seen.  :)

I decided to make my homemade chocolate chip cookies to sell for $1 each.  I had about 4 dozen cookies.

We got to my old high school way too early.  It's better to be early than late though.  Plus, it was okay b/c we had time to people watch and that's always a lot of fun.  :)

Here's our table set up.  Simple, yet elegant.

Kristen made lemon extract and almond extract.  She also brought her vanilla extract but decided not to sell them unless mine sold out.  :)

Up close of my vanilla extract.

Packaged cookies.  We busted open 4 and cut them up and gave samples.  The samples actually got people to buy stuff.  It worked like a charm.  haha  :)  I sold all the cookies but 2 which Nate and I ate.  :)

Here's the lemon extract!  It smells soooo good and lemony.  :)

Here's a shot of some other booths.  There was a lot of vendors.  I wished the weather had been a little nicer.  I think there would have been more customers.  There's another one in the spring that I think we're gonna try again at.  We have some ideas on new things to get customers to our booth.  :)

I walked over to the science hall and found my old high school locker.  I had it the whole 4 years I was there.  :)

Nate's work Christmas party

Nate had his work Christmas party a few weeks ago.  It was held at Fredericksburg Square.  This is where we got married 13 years ago.  :)

Nate wanted to dance in the same spot where we had out first dance at our wedding.  One of the therapists took our picture with Nate's camera.

There was a photo booth there with some fun props for you to take pictures in.  Mary (therapist) asked me to take some goofy pictures with her and we did.  :)

Nate's birthday dinner with family

Happy 34th Birthday to my husband!  (Dec. 5th)

Nate's dad, mom and I planned to have Thanksgiving dinner and we decided to surprise Nate with a birthday cake too.  :)

We surprised Nate's dad with a pampered chef baker.  We got him the small round one since he only cooks for himself.  I call it the bachelor baker.  LOL  :)  Anyways, he loved it and immediately read the directions that came with it and looked up online for recipes.  Then when it was time to make his cabbage casserole he decided to try it out in the bachelor baker.  It came out pretty good.  :)

Nate's mom got sick and was unable to come.  :(  Nate's brother worked late so we waited to eat until he got there.  I don't remember the last time I had dinner at 9:30pm.  LOL

Anyways, after dinner we had cake.  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing!  Nate's favorite.  :)  It was a good cake.  :)

While we were waiting for Nate's brother and sister-in-law I walked down to the horses out back.  They were very gentle.  :)

And we snacked on crackers and guggisburg baby swiss cheese while we waited.  :)

Birthday fun with the BFF

Back on December 1st my BFF came to town and I took her out for an early birthday lunch at Panda Express and then we went and saw the Annie play.

It was a lot of fun.  The cast was fantastic!

Happy 'early' Birthday Kristen and thanks for being a nerd with me! :)

Final Garden Update for 2013

My life has been so crazy busy this month so I haven't blogged in a while.

This is my final 2013 Garden Update.  A few weeks ago I decided to say goodbye to my pepper plants.  The peppers that were on the plants looked like the only ones that the plants would produce.  I was glad to get them out of the house.  I had to make room for my Christmas tree.  :)

I set the plants outside and then picked off all the peppers.  I got a bunch!!!  I kept some for myself and took some to work.  They were all snatched up.  :)

Here they are.  The bigger ones I kept and they ended up turning red before I got around to cooking them.  :)  I was very happy with my garden this year.  I had grew my own potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, flowers, peppers, and lemons.  :)  I think that's it?  LOL

Speaking of lemons.....I've moved my lemon tree into the basement.  They don't like the cold so I can't keep it outside.  It's sitting in front of the basement door where the sun shines in.  It's still doing good.  I picked up some citrus soil from Home Depot for it and added some the other day.  I've also set the container in a deep tub for drainage.  Just in case.  I don't want the container leaking all over the floor.  I have 2 lemons the size of a cottonball.  :)