September 29, 2012

Healing Hearts Walk to Remember 2012

Today, was the 5th Annual Healing Hearts Memory Walk.  You walk in memory of your loving angel babies.  It's a very sad event but it's also nice to have an event where everyone can come together and remember their angel babies.

Normally, we do the walk and then our baby names are announced with a bell being rung for each angel baby.  Then we normally release balloons.  But........apparently, there's a worldwide helium shortage so the organizers of the walk had to go with plan B.  They decided we would release butterflies. 

These containers held the butterflies.

Here's the containers being opened to release the butterflies.

They kinda just sat in the container and slowly fluttered out.  Some of them needed help to take flight.

My friend, Sharon found this one and she helped it take off.

I found this butterfly and helped it.

Angel Babies together in HEAVEN and forever in our hearts.  

Miller Baby 1
Miller Baby 2
Miller Baby 3
Baby Colleluore

September 26, 2012

Spotsylvania Farmers Market: Trip 8

I went to the Spotsy Farmers Market today for some fresh goodies.  I had $10 in cash.  I got 2 tomatoes, 1 squash, 1 zucchini (all veggies for $2.95), 3 sea salt chocolate chip cookies ($2.62) and 8 red delicious apples ($4.00).  :)  I spent all but .43 cents.  :)  Today, was the last day at the Hospital where they've been doing the Farmers Market.  I'm going to miss going there.  They will still be at other locations in the area but I liked going to this one the best b/c it was so close to where I live.  Hopefully, they will open back up there next year since they did really good business there.

Pumpkins 2012

So, I decided to get some pumpkins today.  I stopped off at 7-Eleven for a slurpee and as I was leaving I saw a Google Map Street Car.  How awesome???  

I headed to Snead's Asparagus Farm to get my pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch.  :)

Here's the first pumpkin that caught my eye.

Each pumpkin is $6.00 each.  I got 2.

I drove up to the farm house to pay and there was this cute sign on the porch.

The big white box on the step is an honor box.  You put your money/check in there.

I then walked about and took some pictures of the pumpkins they had all over.

Really big pumpkins already picked were $10 each.  Oh...I left the farm and headed down to the Spotsy Farmers Market.  I saw the google maps car again.  LOL  It was going in the other direction.

Here's my pumpkins on my step.  The little one is a surprise pumpkin from Kristen.  :)

Via Colori 2012

This past weekend was Via Colori 2012.  Ashley and Kristen came to help on Sunday.

This is what my friend Christal at the radio station came up with for this years 'art'.

I think we ALL did a great job!!  It was a lot of fun!  I was glad my little sister and BFF were able to come help us.  I think everyone had a great time.

Here's some other artists at work.....

After we got cleaned up we went over to see Joe, Sharon and Agnes.  Then we went to Castiglia's together for dinner.  Here's Agnes and Joe ready to go home.  She's getting sooooo big.  :)

September 25, 2012

New Things Monday (LATE)

Back when Nate and I went to PA, on our way home we stopped off at Chick-fil-A to grab a quick lunch for the road.  I ordered nuggets b/c those are what I like.  We're on the road and by the time I went to eat my nuggets, it turns out that they were strips and not nuggets.  There was nothing I could do and I was hungry so I ate them.  I'm not a fan.  They don't taste anything like the nuggets.  It's weird.  You would think it's like a big nugget but they have a totally different taste.  NO thanks Chick-fil-a.  I'd rather have the nuggets or the sammich with no pickle.  :)

September 19, 2012

Spotsylvania Farmers Market: Trips 6 and 7

Spotsylvania Farmers Market: Trip 6

Back on September 5th, I went to the Farmers Market.

Look at the storm that was approaching.

PUMPKINS!!!  :)  I love FALL!

Winter Squash

Gourds....I didn't buy anything that day.  I just walked around to all the booths and took a few pictures.  I thought about getting stuff but decided not to since we were gone for most of the weekend to PA.

Spotsylvania Farmers Market: Trip 7

Today, I went to the Farmers Market and got some goodies.  :)

First I saw PUMPKINS and knew I had to get some.  :)

These pumpkins were 2 for $1.00 so I picked out 2.  :)

The peppers were 3 for $2.50.  I got 12!  :)  I had a 10% off coupon at this booth saving me $1.20.  YEY

Here's my goodies.  12 peppers, 1 tomato, grape tomatoes, 2 pumpkins, and 3 sea salt chocolate chip cookies.  One the way home I stopped by 7-Eleven and got a Large Cherry Slurpee.  YUM

My 2 little pumpkins.  :)