June 30, 2015

June Challenge

For the last few months I have been walking/jogging for my health.

I kept up walking/jogging for the month of June.  I still keep the incline on 3.0 for walking.  I jump up to 4.0 when jogging.  The incline still stays on 3.0.


1st-  20 minutes- 1 mile
2nd- 20 minutes- 1 mile
3rd- 20 minutes- 1 mile
4th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
5th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
7th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
8th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
9th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
10th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
11th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
12th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
13th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
14th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
15th- REST (pulled muscle in leg)
16th- REST (pulled muscle in leg)
17th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
18th- REST- Tired
19th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
21st- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
22nd- 20 minutes- 1 mile
23rd- REST- Tired
24th- REST- Tired
25th- 40 minutes- 2 miles
26th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
28th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
29th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
30th- 20 minutes- 1 mile

= 33.5 miles for the MONTH!  I didn't walk as much as I did in April or May but I still try to get in walks/jogs when I can.  I did overdo it one weekend and pulled a muscle in my leg.  My husband made me take a few days to rest.  I also had a few days where I was too tired to get on the treadmill so I rested those days.  I'm still happy that I got walks in on days that I could.  I know there's times where I won't be able to get a walk/jog in and that's okay.  I'm eating better with cheats only now and then and I feel good.  :)

Sad Day

We had to make a decision to put our elderly cat down.  Her name is Lizzy.  She's been lonely and depressed since our other cat passed away last year.  She's also had several health problems over the last year.  It was time for her to go to kitty heaven and see our past cats.....Hank and Harley.

Lizzy picked Nate out at the pound when him and his family went to find a cat.  She grabbed my husband as he walked by and they knew this was the cat for them.  She was already a year or two when she adopted Nate and his family.  21 to 22 years is a nice long cat life.  :*)

RIP- Lizzy Miller

This same day last year was the day that my kitty son, Harley passed away from cancer.  I miss him so much and think about him everyday.  He was 13.

Both of these wonderful cats had happy and wonderful lives.  They were our fur babies and we love them so much.  They will be missed forever.

June 28, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #24

My garden is doing terrific and I've been harvesting something just about everyday.

It was a little cloudy when I took this picture this morning.

I've had several visitors the last few mornings.  Makes me smile.  :)

Flowers are doing well.

I have 2 eggplants.  :)  I have a new blossom too.

I've harvested several blueberries.  They are so good too.


This day was awesome.  I got toms, peppers, squash and green beans.  :)

toms and blueberries

Bees working hard.  And my bees share.  :)

I have a few tiny cucumbers.

My toms from the seed swap I went to.  They are doing good.  Just waiting for them to ripen.

Squash plants.

More flowers.  These guys got flooded from heavy downpours we got yesterday.  I dumped most of the water out but I had moved it in a sunnier place to dry out some.

Broccoli still growing even though something is still eating the leaves.

This morning, I got 1 blueberry, toms, and 1 squash.

Here's the lonesome blueberry.  It was so sweet and delicious.

My sunflowers have seen better days.  There's some new ones coming in and then there's some old ones that have died off.  I will save the seeds from them.  :)

Here's the sunflowers I grew in my greenhouse.

The sunflowers I had in my kitchen window have died.  I am drying them out so I can get the seeds.

I did some food prep today.

I cup up all my bell peppers and made a frittata with them.  :)

I also cleaned/prepped all my french green beans I picked up at the farmers market yesterday.

It was a good week in my garden.  :)  I can't wait until it's much cooler out and I can have things growing in my greenhouse.  :)

BFF Day- 6/27

I went to RVA yesterday to hang out with my BFF.

First stop was the farmers market.  We both got a lot of farm fresh goodies.  I spent $17.50 total.

Next, we went to Proper Pie Co for lunch.  I've been here with my sister and the place is just adorable.  Yes, everything is made in a pie.  There's savory and sweet pies to choose from.
I got the chorizo pasty, and a slice of key lime pie.  K got the sausage roll and a slice of coconut cream pie.  So yummy!  This place is the best!  My husband got a little jealous when he saw my pictures, so I need to take him here.  :)  K when shall we take the boys?

We went to Trader Joe's.  My town doesn't have this store and I had a small list of things I wanted to check out.  I spent around $30.

We went to target.  I didn't have a list but Kristen did.  When we were walking to the register I could hear rain on the roof.  (I have very good hearing)  The rain was coming down pretty good.  Sure enough we saw out the window that it was raining pretty heavy.  We figured we'd take a break in the target cafe.  We had the best seats for people watching while enjoying a snack.  :)  I got popcorn and a soda for the people watching.  And K got a pretzel and a soda.  haha  All which was on the cheap on cartwheel.  I spent $1.24!  :)  I also found out why the target popcorn is so popular.  It's sooooo good.  It was the perfect little snack.

We did a couple more things and then relaxed at her house.  We tried a couple TJ's snacks that we picked up.  We also checked out K's garden.  I'm so glad she's gardening.  It's exciting when you can grow something.  She's doing an awesome job.  I even showed her some pea pods she had growing that she hadn't noticed yet.  haha  :)  By next weekend she will probably have pea pods to harvest.  :)

We got hungry for dinner so we went to Panda Express.  We then went back to house to eat.

After that, we decided to go see my sister and niece.  E was being all shy.  But that's okay.  We all get shy here and there.  :)

I left around 10 and it was starting to rain again.  On the way home there was frogs all over the roads.  They kept jumping up on the road and jumping around.  It was weird.  It felt like it was raining frogs.  haha  I ran over a bunch of them.  I felt bad but there was nothing I could do.  Frog legs anyone?

It was a great day and I slept like a baby last night.  :)

Farmers Market 6/27

I went to the farmers market with my BFF yesterday morning.  We had a list of things we wanted to do and this was the first thing to do.

Here's what I got.

6 onions
1 eggplant
3 cucumbers
3 bell peppers
basket of french green beans

I spent a total of $17.50.  The basket of beans was $6.00 and the $11.50 was for the rest.

June 21, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #23

It's time for a garden update.

My clearance lillies.  :)

Cucumber blossoms

Patty pan squash

Cherry toms

I've harvested several tomatoes.  :)

All lined up on the kitchen window sill.

Yesterday, I noticed a ripe blueberry on my blueberry bush.

Yesterday, I harvested a blueberry, patty pan squash, 2 green beans and 1 cherry tom.

Pretty eggplant blossom

This morning,  I noticed I have my first eggplant of the season.

I discovered this baby praying mantis the other day hiding in my sunflowers.  They are good luck right? 


Toms from seed swap earlier this year.

Bell pepper

This morning.....I picked some more toms.  :)

In my front flower bed my first daisies of the year popped.  For some reason there aren't as many as years past.  I guess some got pulled up last year during clean up.  :(

I have star gazers popping up all over too.  My front flower bed def needs some major TLC.  The weeds are horrible this year.

Jurassic World

We saw Jurassic World last weekend with our BFF's at Cinebistro.

I found flip flips at Joann Fabrics for $2 on clearance.  YAY  I wore them specifically for the movie.  My BFF got a pair too but she didn't find them comfortable.  :(

The theater had a special menu you could order from.

I got my usual bistro burger with fries.  It's my favorite.  :)

Nate and I shared a special dinosaur dessert.  :)  The 'dino egg' was basically a homemade cadbury creme egg.  This dessert was delicious!!  Best dessert I've had there so far.  :)

The movie was AWESOME!!  I won't give spoilers.  I loved the movie and even the eye roll moments.  (example:  running in the grass with high heels  *eye roll*)