June 19, 2015

Rainbow Beans

I got some rainbow beans from the farmers market last weekend from the Ochoa Produce.  I love all the produce I get from this farm.  It's always so fresh and tasty.  The family who runs the farm is always so sweet too.  Nancy, is always there working with her mom, Lorena.

Anyways, back to the beans.  I asked one of the owners what kind of beans these were.  I'd never seen green beans with yellow and purple beans together.  Nancy called them "Rainbow beans".  She said they are sweeter than plain green beans.  She said you can eat them raw and she mentioned that the purple beans will turn green when cooked.  I thought that was pretty cool.

I prepped the beans and cooked them up for dinner.

I saw the magic happen.  The purple beans really do change color.

It's not a bright green, just kinda dull but it does change.  These were delicious.  We loved them.

I will get more of these if I see any at the market.  :)

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