June 19, 2015

Blueberry and Raspberry Picking 2015

Last weekend, I got up super early on a Saturday.  Like 6am early.  haha  I had a ton of stuff I wanted to get done.  I got up, got dressed, grabbed my garden hat and left.

First stop:

Ole Country Store and Bakery.  I picked up several items.  I wished I'd taken a picture of everything but I did not.  (next time, I promise)

They have so many sprinkles.  These caught my eye.  They are cow shapes.  What???  How cool is that?  These might be on my list next time, if I can think of what to make with them.  Chick-fil-a should totally buy these and sprinkle on some ice dream cups or brownies.  haha  I totally would.

Nate wanted horseradish sauce.  He picked up a bottle the first time we discovered this place.  I found them and saw they were only $1.49 each.  I grabbed one for a friend, his dad and then I grabbed 4 for Nate.  I saw there was 2 left, and not knowing when we'd be able to make it out again, I grabbed them.  Why not?  Hopefully, they had plenty in the back in case someone else wanted some.

I also picked up a few Amish made handpies, swiss cheese, trail bologna, maple cream chocolates, sugar free gummi bears, and sugar free vanilla wafers.

Next stop:

They had blueberries and raspberries ready for pick you own.  YAY!!!  I went here last month and picked strawberries.  I also went here last year and picked blueberries and raspberries.

I got here a little after 8am.  My plan, was to beat the crowds and beat the heat.  Which I did.  :)

When I got there I was the only one in the blueberry patch for a while until I was about done picking.

Some berries were ripe and some were not.  I just picked whatever blue ones I found.

My little basket started filling up.

I even had some bees visit my basket.  I also found a really pretty, bright blue flower.  :)

Here's my blueberries that I picked all by myself.

I walked back towards the shed to get my berries weighed and I saw a cross on this little building.  I feel someone is watching over me.  :)

I grabbed a new basket and headed to the raspberries.

The raspberries are easy to pick.  The ripe ones are vibrant in color, soft and will slide right off stem with ease.  If you have to tug hard then they are not ready so just leave them be.

Here's black raspberries.  These are really good.

Ripe black raspberry with unripe berries.

I got my raspberries and had them weighed.

I got about the same amount of berries in each basket.  The worker thought that was amazing.  haha  I just stopped when I felt I had enough.  Funny that it was almost the same weight for both though.

Here's both of my baskets.  It took roughly 1 hour to pick all of these.

Next Stop:

Farmers Market (More on that in the next post)


Grocery store

I saw these gardening bags for a reduced price.  I bought the tomatoes and peppers bags.  I plan to use these later this year or next.

I also got these veggie brushes.  I think it was $3 for the pack of 2.  I used to have a brush that looked like a potato.  Ever since I moved to my house from my townhouse, I have never been able to find it.  Not sure what happened to it.  These brushes are perfect b/c I can use them to scrub my veggies.  :)  Plus, if one walks away like my potato brush did many years ago then I have another.  haha

After all that I mailed a package at UPS, and then went home.  WHEW!

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