July 31, 2013

IKEA 2013 Catalog

When I checked my mail this afternoon, it was sitting in the mailbox.  I squealed inside just a little bit.  I didn't want the neighbors to hear.  haha  There it was.....the IKEA 2013 catalog in all it's glory laying in the mailbox just waiting to be looked through.  :)

My sister, Ashley and my BFF, Kristen got their catalogs today too.

Ashley said that she said "oh yeah" like the Koolaid man when she reached into her mailbox.  ahahahaha

I'm totally gonna flip through all the pages and see what's new and make a wish list.  :)


There's a place downtown here called Foode, that I've been wanting to visit for a while now.  I finally got to go today.  I had my friend, Sharon join me so I wouldn't have to eat alone.  LOL

Cute sign at the entrance.

Today's menu.  I knew just what I was going get.  :)

Cute Sheepy picture hanging up inside the place.  The inside seating area was adorable but I wanted to sit outside.

And this is why I wanted to sit outside.  An Umbrella ceiling.  How awesome is that?

I loved it!  It made sitting outside so fun.

From our table you can see the door to the inside area.  You first go into the restaurant and then order and pay for your food and drink and then you either sit inside or outside.  The stairs on the right go up to the kitchen.  This is where you will see the staff walking down with food orders from the kitchen.

I saw a few potted plants around.  I think these are some herbs in this big pot.  The smaller pot just had a shovel.  I also saw a few bags of potting soil under a bench.  :)

We both got the same thing.  

Tea (half sweet and half unsweet)  They are served in these adorable ball jars.  :)  LOVE!!!

We both got the.....

'Fried Chicken and Waffles'

all-natural chicken (leg, thigh, wing) marinated in herbs and

buttermilk and fried crisp in canola.  served with our sunday waffle, 

whipped maple butter, warm vt. maple syrup and a housemade 

peach gastrique.

How delicious!!

My finished plate (skillet).

My view when I looked up from my seat.  :)

Cute pallet at the front hanging.  This is my new favorite place and I found out today that this is where my birthday celebration dinner will be.  :)

Garden Update: Day 159

Today, is day 159 of my garden update.

How many water jugs do I need?  You'd be surprised how much water you go through and I guess how much milk we drink.  haha

I pulled off Zucchini number 7 this morning!  :)

Today is day 18 of my potatoes.  I started them from a potato on July 14th.  I have 3 sprouts so far.

My 3 sprouts.  :)

Here's my petite pepper plant.  I've managed to harvest several peppers already.  I'm giving these peppers a little longer before I harvest them.

The latest petite peppers I've harvested. 

My pumpkin plants are growing like crazy.  This is the Pie pumpkins.  It's been 31 days since the start of their growth.  I really need to try to repot them this weekend.  :)

Here's the jack pumpkins.  (31 days today too)

July 28, 2013

Garden Update: Day 156

Today, is garden update 156.  

I came home to find my big boy tomatoes laying on their side.  A big storm had just passed through and had some strong winds.  

I picked up the plant and a tomato had fallen off and was laying on the deck.  :(

Here's the tomato that fell off.  It could have been so pretty. 

I checked on everything since I wasn't home yesterday.  Everything seemed good.

And I have SPROUTS!  Yep, 2 small potato spouts.

Do you see them?

I checked my other tomatoes.  They are still doing okay.  I've only gotten 6 ripe grape tomatoes so far.  There are still a few green ones left that aren't ready yet.

There's several tiny squash on the plant.  And my zukes, I have 2 little ones growing.

Berry's Produce

Kristen and I talked about wanting to go to a Farmers Market or road side stand but none are ever open on Sunday's.  :(  Kristen looked up her favorite place 'Berrys Produce' off 301 and saw they were open until 7pm.  YEY!!  I was getting ready to leave her place and would be passing by the place on the way home so I followed Kristen to the produce stand so we could see what was available.

This produce stand is adorable and all the flowers, veggies and fruits are so big in size.  President Obama has even stopped off here and bought some fresh foods.

Cute signage.

Delcious tomatoes, zucchini, and squash.

These tomatoes were huge!!!

Fresh Okra.

Some sweet peppers in a mix of colors.

Yummy peppers and tomatoes of all colors.

I love the fresh local produce sign.

I got a container of fresh blueberries, a big tomato (for BLT) and a new Virginia grown bag!  :)

After the Orchard.....

After we left the orchard we just drove around.  

Here's some random pictures.

We drove through the town of Charlottesville checking out various places.  We saw this cute table called 'The Awesome Table' in someone's yard.  It says:

Items on table are free.  If you take something, try to help someone else have an awesome day!  
(that's the rule)

We then drove around checking the area out and came across this cute little donkey.  :)

Kristen had hoped that The Spice Diva would be open but it wasn't.  I got out of car and took some pics.

All the spices are in big jars.  Awesome!!  :)

We found a place to park in the parking deck near the UVA Campus.  Kristen put a $20 bill in the machine to pay for 2 hours of parking which would have been $4 but the machine didn't give change.  :(  She didn't realize it until after the fact.  There was like 7 or 8 people standing behind her waiting to pay for their tickets and she felt rushed and then tried to hurry to get her ticket.  :(  I felt bad so I told Kristen, I would buy her lunch.  :)  I know it didn't make up for the mistake but at least she didn't have to worry about lunch.

We had lunch at a sammich shop called Take it away.

This place has a huge variety of chips!!!  LOL

I got a roast beef sammich on sourdough with provolone.  I also got sea salt potato chips.  It was good.

On our way out of Charlottesville we stopped at Sweet Haus for a sweet treat.

M&M's GALORE!  Love this!!


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