April 30, 2012

New Things Monday

I received a coupon in the mail for a free new dessert at Chick-fil-a.  I redeemed my coupon over the weekend.  The new desserts just came out earlier this month.  They are Chocolate Chip Cookies,  and Brownies that you can get plain or add to make a sundae.  I got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae.  :)  There is hot chocolate on top of icedream with crumbled cookies, a little whipped cream and a cherry on top.  It was awesome goodness.  I love freebies and especially yummy freebies.  :)

April 23, 2012

New Things Monday

Last week, at the grocery store I came across Hillshire Farm Grilled Essentials chicken breasts.  They are near the hot dogs in the store.  I had a coupon for $1.00 off and they were on sale for $2.99 a package.  I thought for $2 bucks I would give them a try.  I cooked them over the weekend for dinner one night.  The chicken breasts are in a sealed package that you just stick in the microwave and zap for 60 seconds.  I got the light green pack which is the garlic and herb.  I served each chicken breasts with a baked potato.  The chicken was good but I wasn't that impressed with it.  Nate said it was okay...it def wasn't his favorite.  The chicken breasts are really small so it's not really filling.  The baked potato was much bigger than the chicken breasts.  haha  But hey for $2 I think it was good for the price.  :)

*Note:  'New Things Monday' is just a feature of new products or things I've never tried before.  This is just my opinion and I don't get paid to talk about any of my new things.  I just like trying new things and talking about them.  :)

April 21, 2012

Growing my own peppers and tomatoes

Growing up my dad always had a vegetable garden.  He grew peppers, pole beans, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes and more.  He also grew a lot of flowers.  Great memories!  :)  I've always wanted to have a green thumb.  I love bell peppers....red and green.  I buy a bulk bag every week at the grocery store and add them to the dinners I make.  Peppers are just so good and so good for you.  I've also thought about growing tomatoes.  I saw in the Lowes ad the other day that Bonnie Plant Farm tomatoes and herbs are for sale 2 for $3.  I figured that was the perfect little tomato starter plant to try to grow.  I went to Lowes today and got my tomato plant and a pepper plant.  Afterwards, I stopped by and visited my parents and my dad gave me a bag of potting soil.  YEY!  :)

Once I got home I tackled my veggie plants.....

I got 2 little plastic pots for the plants.

The plant has a biodegradable pot with it.  Pretty cool.

I wasn't sure which type of tomato plant I wanted but I saw patio and thought these were perfect since I plan on keeping them on my back deck so I can keep a good eye on them.

Here is the potting mix my dad gave me.  :)

I got a plastic cup and a plastic spoon to help me collect the soil I needed to fill the pots.

I added a little soil to the bottom of the pot and then stuck the plant into the pot.  I then added soil all around the pot until I got to the top.

Here's the soil all around the pot.

Here is my red bell pepper I got.  So excited!  If I have success then I will get a green bell pepper too and try growing those.

I then took my pots outside.  How cute are they?  :)

I gave them some water but I felt a little nervous b/c a big storm was in the forecast.  After about an hour or so it got really dark and the winds started picking up so I grabbed the pots and brought them in the house.  I didn't want them getting blown over.  LOL  I figured on windy, pouring rain days I will bring them in to protect them.  At least for now while they are still 'newborns'.  I'm excited and will be so thrilled if I get any peppers or tomatoes.  :)

April 18, 2012

3-Cheese Veggie Pizza

I went to a Pampered Chef party the other weekend. We had a yummy pizza that I knew I would recreate. :)

To make:

1 pizza crust (I used pillsbury)
Half of a white onion (chopped)
Red pepper (sliced)
Green pepper (sliced)
1 medium zucchini (sliced)
3 small tomatoes (sliced)
minced garlic
olive oil
black pepper
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
3 different cheeses (Mozzarella, Parmesean and Sharp cheddar)

First preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Mix some olive oil and minced garlic in a small bowl. Brush some olive oil garlic mix onto your pizza pan. Then place your crust on your pan. Bake for 7 minutes. While the pizza is baking get your toppings ready. Wash and slice your zucchini, tomatoes, onion, green and red peppers. Once, the crust has baked for 7 minutes, carefully take it out of the oven. Brush on the remaining olive oil/garlic mix. Sprinkle on some cheese. A little of each one. Then place on your peppers, onions, tomatoes and zucchini. Top with more cheese. Sprinkle on the Italian Seasoning and black pepper. Bake for another 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown and the cheese is fully melted.

Spring Bada Bing 2012

Last weekend, Kristen invited us (Sharon, Crystal and me) to Spring Bada Bing. We went last year and had fun so we wanted to go again. We met at Kristen's and then we went to breakfast at the Brick House diner. Then we went to the Spring Bada Bing.

One of the first booths had these awesome ball jar paintings but they were kinda expensive.

Another booth I thought was really cool was this one called Articipe. It's recipes that's framed. They are really cute.

I also liked Inedible Jewelry. So cute! :)

Afterwards, we looked at some art studios in the same building and a room with Richmond Photography. I liked this picture. :)
Then we went to the mall and shopped around. For dinner, we had McAlister's Deli and then went to Sweet Frog next door for a treat since Sharon has never been there. Fun day! :)

Easter 2012

It's been a tradition for the last few years to have EASTER at Sharon and Joe's and that's what we did again this year with our group of friends. :) It was fun!

I brought a fresh pineapple, some cheese, pepperoni and a Sausage Casserole. The Casserole was to eat before everything else was done. I got the recipe from Pinterest from this blog.
The pictures aren't that appealing but it was really good. I added some bacon, green pepper, red peppers, half of a red onion and 2 more eggs.

Kristen made these awesome little treats. It's a pretzel with a melted hugs n kiss and topped with an m&m. So good! All those were gobbled up. :)

Here's the cheese, pepperoni and cracker plate. The cheeses were from when we went to PA last month. Garlic Basil and Pepper and Apple Cinnamon cheese. So good! :)
Sharon made her deviled eggs. MMMMMMM
Kristen, Crystal and I took Agnes outside to take some Easter pics of her. We stuck her in a basket and put plastic eggs all around her. She didn't seem to mind too much.
Love her little face.....she's probably thinking....Are you done yet? haha
We came back inside and put her in her little booster seat thing. She loves it. Joe gave her the remote. She's watching Bonnie Bear. Sharon said it's her favorite show. :)
For a to go treat I brought Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Everyone loves these so I figured it would put a smile on everyone's face. ;)
Sharon's parents sent us a Junior's cake for us to enjoy for dessert. I couldn't wait to try it. I've heard about Junior's and it's one of those things on my bucket list to try.

We pulled out the cake and it was a Easter Egg. How cute?
We all got a big chunk. I loved it! So full of chocolate goodness. :D
Crystal also brought a Carrot cake. DELICIOUS! :)
Good times! I love my friends. :)

April 17, 2012

New Things Monday (LATE)

Last year, I tried Silk- Pure Almond Milk. I loved it. It's thicker than regular milk with a taste of Almond. I'd been wanting to try the Chocolate Almond milk. I love chocolate milk so I was excited to try this one. It tastes just like a melted Hershey chocolate bar with almonds. It's thick and creamy and delicious.

April 9, 2012

New Things Monday

The other day, Nate and I were watching TV when a commercial came on for PEANUT BUTTER CHEERIOS. We both looked at each other and said "hell yes, those look awesome".

So, when I went to Wegmans last week, I saw them. They were on sale 2 for $5. I picked up 1 box. When I got home, I poured myself a bowl and had them for lunch. It was love at first bite. Sooooo goood!!! :) Nate had some for breakfast the next morning and loved them as well. We finished off the box within a few days.

Over the weekend, we managed to pick up 2 more boxes (still on sale). It was the LAST 2 boxes on the shelf. Our new favorite and looks like they might be others as well! :) It's funny....I'd never even had a cheerio in my life till a few years ago. I love honey nut cheerios and would have never of known it if it wasn't for my New Things Monday. :)

Pictures taken from Cheerios.com.

April 2, 2012

Ukrops Monument 10k

This past weekend, we went to Richmond for the Ukrops Monument 10k. Nate, Crystal and Eddie all ran the race. This was Nate's first 10k run.

Waiting and ready to run....

Nate...... :)

My sister, Ashley and I stood on the side lines waiting. Ashley made a sign for Nate.

The organizers break the runners into categories. Depending on your time you know you'll finish in is how they group you. Which makes it easier than having all 40,000 runners take off at once.

Here's Crystal (lime green shirt) running by.

Nate and Eddie are off.....

Nate crossed the finish line in 1:13! GOOD JOB!! I'm so proud of you Nate. :)
Crystal crosses at about 1:14. GOOD JOB!! :)
And Eddie (next to man in green shirt) is crossing the finish line at 1:17. GOOD JOB!! :)

Here's the finishers getting a picture taken.
Nate all sweaty. LOL
Congrats guys! You all did an awesome job. :)

New Things Monday

At Wegmans I found a real papaya for $4 and couldn't wait to try it. I knew after having this I had to try a fresh papaya. I used this youtube link on how to cut a papaya.

Yum! I love fresh papaya! :)