August 30, 2016

OBX 2016

My group of friends went to OBX for the week.  This is the 4th year the group has rented the beach house.  My husband went to WVA for Operation Photo Rescue to help restore pictures that residents in a WVA town lost from recent floodings.  I was all alone.  My friends told me to come to the beach.  I actually told my BFF I was going but to keep it a surprise.  

I got to the beach around 11:30.  I stopped at roadside stands along the way to kill time.  I met my BFF and her hubby for lunch at Dirty Dicks.

Then we went to a wings shop to pick up a few things.  I got a coral colored OBX shirt.  It's so comfy.  I wished I had gotten a sweatshirt or hoodie.  Next time!

We found a cute dock to hang out to kill some time.  It was almost check in time at the beach house.

I ended up waiting a little longer at docks while everyone was arriving at beach house.  After my sister and her family got there I drove to surprise everyone.

Here's the beach house.  :)

Everyone was surprised and happy to see me.  :)

We had dinner together.  Sharon made steakums.

I walked to beach with my niece, sister and her husband.

Here's my niece taking in her first look at the Atlantic Ocean.

We walked on the sand.

My niece is so happy.

Little girl footprints.

Here's Ellie filling in crab holes.  She thought it was funny to play in the sand and fill in the holes.

Here's all the girls playing with barbies.  There was plenty of toys to keep them from getting bored.

Plus, there's Dave to keep them entertained.  Whenever he pretended to fall asleep they would all scream "wake up, wake up, wake up" and then giggle.  So cute!

We went to Kill Devil Hills Custard for a sweet treat.  It was packed!!  I got a waffle cone with vanilla and chocolate custard.  Sooo good.

One of the bathrooms at the beach house by the pool has the most adorable beachy themed wallpaper.  I love it.  haha  :)

I woke up early Saturday morning just in time for the sunrise.  I stayed and watched for a full hour.  It was beautiful and no one was on the beach.  I had it all to myself. 

I collected a bunch of shells for my niece.  She's starting a collection.

When I got back to the house my niece was sleeping peacefully.  :)  She finally woke up.  She saw me and said "Good morning, Aunt Bonnie, what are you doing".  I told her I collected shells for her.

I had her put out her hands and close her eyes.

I put the biggest shell in her hand that I found.

She loved them all and said they would go in her special collection. 

I love her so much!  :)

I'm glad I went even though it was only for a few days.  It was worth it.  :)

CSA Box- Week 18

I picked up my CSA box 18 this morning on my way to work.  The box was stuffed full.

Here's everything I got:

-2 large carrots
-3 big bell peppers
-5 small apples
-4 tomatoes
-3 peaches
-5 potatoes
-Spaghetti squash

I was excited to see the spaghetti squash.  I can't wait to use it.

To show you how big the peppers are, here's an apple next to the biggest pepper for scale.

I have 6 more weeks for pick ups.  I can't wait to see what else is coming.  :)

August 24, 2016

New little fur baby...Tyrion

It's been over 2 years since our precious Harley passed away from Cancer.  My husband and I decided we were ready to bring a new little fur baby in our lives, home and hearts.

I found an adorable little baby at a Turkish Van Cattery.

Meet our baby...Tyrion.

He's so sweet.  :)

He's just a few weeks old.  We won't be able to get him until October.  We are so excited and can't wait to bring him to his forever home.  :)

Be Mindful

About a month ago, I went to a Be Mindful party at my neighbors.  Everything was naturally made by Lisa who owns the business.
So many great smelling soaps.
Everything is natural and handmade.  No chemicals.  My favorite soaps was thesunflower, orange and turmeric soap.
I’m actually going to be hosting my own party next month.  Lisa is great.  She also has yoga sessions out of her home studio and she has workshops you can sign up for to make your own soap, bath salts, makeup, bug spray, perfume, deodorants and more.  She is the real life Pinterest queen.  haha
Find Be Mindful on facebook or get more info at the website.

Best Birthday Cake Ever 2016

August 11th was my birthday.  My BFF surprised me with a homemade birthday cake at my birthday gathering a few weekends ago.  Well the birthday BBQ, was for me and another friend who had a birthday a few days before mine.  My bestie, Kristen knew how much I loved a cake I’d seen at the Caroline County Fair and did her own take on it.  It was so awesome!!!!  And another cool thing about it.  The cake itself was chocolate zucchini.  It was so yummy.  🙂


Your 2032 Olympic Gymnast Gold Medalist


Yesterday after work, I went down to Richmond to see my niece, Ellie.  She had her gymnastics class and she’d be getting a medal with the other little girls in her class.
After class all the kids lined up and received a medal and got to pose on the podium.  Here she is with her gold.  haha
I had Ellie do the pose that all the Olympic athletes do where they “bite” their medal.  She thought it was funny.
Ellie has been enjoying watching the Olympic Gymnasts on TV from Rio.  She loves Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas and Madison Kocian.  🙂  GO U.S.A!

CSA Box- Week 17

CSA box- week 17

Another box packed full and a bigger watermelon than week 16.

Look at the whole spread...

-6 Corn on the cob
-2 cucumbers
-pint of toms
-3 green apples
-3 toms
-butternut squash
-acorn squash

I was excited to see the butternut and acorn squash b/c that means fall is just around the corner.  :)

I ended up giving my neighbor who watches our house for us if we are away some goodies.  I gave them the 3 big toms, eggplant and the 6 corn on the cobs.  

CSA Box- Week 16

Week 16 of our CSA box.  I went to pick up my box and I loved seeing how colorful the boxes were this week.

I had to put my box in my car and come back and get a huge watermelon since I couldn't carry it all together.  I was happy to see a watermelon because I love watermelon.

Here's everything I got.

-Red bell pepper
-Green bell pepper
-6 potatoes
-2 cucumbers
-3 zucchini 
-3 toms
-pint of toms
-2 eggplants
-2 peaches

August 10, 2016

CSA Box- Week 15

My CSA box I picked up yesterday.

I gave my dad the cantaloupe.  My husband and I don't like them.  I know my dad does.

Here's everything that was in the box...

Cucumber- 1
Corn on the cob- 6
Red Bell Pepper
Green Bell Pepper
Pint of grape tomatoes
Tomatoes- 2
Peaches- 3
Eggplants- 2
Potatoes- 4
Green Apples- 2

I gave my BFF's- 2 corn on the cob and some grape toms.  :)

CSA Box- Week 14

Here's my CSA Box- Week 14 and some lavender from a co-worker.  The lavender is for my chickens.  They love it and I like putting it in the coop.

Here's what I got...

Corn on the cob- 6 ears
Carrots- 2
Head of Broccolli
Green Bell pepper- 1
Peaches- 4
Roma Toms- 3
Pint of tomatoes
Eggplants- 2
Head of Cabbage

I also bartered with a farmer.  He wanted some of my Homemade Vanilla Extract.  I traded him 2 bottles for 30 farm fresh eggs.  I also gave him some extra egg cartons I had and an orange extract.