August 10, 2016

Chicken Selfies And More


So the weather has been hot here in Virginia.  We’ve been under heat advisories during the day.  This past Sunday we had to bring the girls (chickens) inside to cool down.  My husband took some selfies with Buttercup.  How funny right?  So goofy.
We put all 3 in our basement bathroom.
Here’s Grace.  No fluffy butt when she’s nervous.
Here’s Molly sitting in the tub.  This picture just makes me laugh.
Here’s all 3 together.  They are very happy in the bathroom.  They are so spoiled.  🙂
Last night, Buttercup decided to roost on the shower rod.  No idea how she got up there but she jumped to toilet and flew towards me when she got down this morning.  haha  She’s brave and so smart.
Of course, once the chickens are back outside this whole bathroom is gonna need to be bleached.  LOL  🙂

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