January 19, 2014

Organizing the Foyer Closet

Today, I figured I would organize the foyer closet.


I pulled everything out and vacuumed and then neatly put stuff that goes in there back.

I found an ice scraper to replace the broken one I have, stuff from my old car from my accident, recyclable bags I don't like, tons of shoes, coolers.  It was a mess.


I also organized the pocked storage.  I put all the playing cards at the top.  2nd row is gloves and hats.  3rd row is poker chips, hair clippers, ear muffs, and a vacuum piece.  4th row is car cleaning stuff.  5th row is sunscreen, bug spray, gardening gloves and shears and then bottom row is flip flops.  Much neater and organized.  :)

I am going to take out the clue game and the pictionary game and put them in the yard sale pile.  We don't play with the board games much and these are def never played with so they gotta go.

Well now, it's 2pm and there's still plenty of the day to do some more organizing.  Off to the kitchen I go.  :)

Organizing the Baking Cabinet

Yesterday, I was bored.  There was nothing on TV and nothing to do on the internet.  I decided to do some more cleaning/organizing.  I chose to tackle the baking cabinet.  As you can see things were placed in there sloppily.  The kitchen towels weren't in there neatly and there were spices just sitting there in the open.


I found a few things for the yard sale bin.  Those items I put in the laundry basket which you can see in the background in the dining room.  


There are a few items that I might still purge.  I haven't decided 100% yet.  I've been trying to think if I'll use them again before I decide.  I don't think I will so that will most likely open some more space up in the bottom of the cabinet.

The peppers will be cut up for dinners this week.  :)

January 12, 2014

Organizing and de-cluttering

It's a New Year so it's time to get organized.  I have a stay-cation coming up soon and my plan is to tackle each room of the house to do some cleaning and organizing.  There's no need for clutter.  It makes me stressed.  I want everything to have a place and if it doesn't then it needs to go.

I cleaned the house today and decided why wait until vacation to start a room.  I figured, I would try go ahead and tackle one of the spare bedrooms.

Here's a picture of the closet.  It's a disaster!  Stuff was piled so high that the door wouldn't even shut anymore.  Not good...not good at all.

The bed had a bunch of stuff piled up on it.  Some of that stuff used to sit in the closet.  Normally, this stuff was nice and neat in my other spare room.  But my brother is staying with us right now in that room so everything was kind of thrown in this room.

I started cleaning and tossing things and now here's the closet.  Why do I have so much scrapbook paper??

Everything is cleaned off the bed and then I neatly made it.

I have a big cedar chest (I started cleaning yesterday).  I made sure there was nothing left in it that I wanted to get rid of and I put a few things from the closet in there.

Here's a trash bag full of trash and then some other things for yard sale pile.

I brought out my old toys from when I was a kid.  My husband walked in and saw me sitting on the floor looking at my legos.  :)  He just laughed at me.  haha

Here's my Littlest Pet shop.  This is the original....much better than what is in stores now. 

I love my little fish.....the one little greenish guy, I remember I named him "MookeyMoo"........not sure why. I just liked the name. LOL

My turtles....I loved these guys.

How cute are they?  LOL  The blue/green one was named "Speedy".

Here's the ducks.  My favorite was the yellow one in the middle.

Cats and kittens.


I have lots of awesome memories with my little sister and brother playing with these toys.  :)  I decided to part with them today.  I gave them all to the neighbors across the street.  I figured instead of them sitting in a closet just collecting dust, I wanted them to be played with.  The kids loved the toys and their mom texted me a picture of them playing with them and said I was welcome to come over and play with them anytime.  LOL  :)

Thanks for the great memories Legos and Littlest Pet Shop.  :)

How to plant Clementine Seeds

I love Clementines!  Just the other day I was eating one and came across 4 little seeds.  Clementines are the perfect little snack.  :)

I wondered if they could be planted so I could try growing my own.  I went to google and found out that they can be.  Here's the site I found.

First, you soak your seeds in some warm water overnight.  (sorry....forgot to take picture)

Then you find something to plant them in.  I'm using a egg crate that holds 4 eggs.  I got this from my friend Melissa when she gave me fresh farm eggs one time.  I've kept it because I knew I could use it for little seedlings.

Make sure you have citrus soil.  I already had some from my lemon tree.  Here's what it looks like.

I put dirt in each circle and then I put each seed into one circle and then covered with dirt.  I gave each one a drink.  Just a small amount.

Lastly, you cover your seedlings with a bag.  I just used a ziplock bag.  I put a few wholes at the top for air.  I have the egg grate in a small styrofoam bowl to catch any water.  I placed the seeds in my kitchen window.  I can't wait to see if they sprout.  :)

I decided to repot my lemon tree today as well.  I got a nice clean pot, and planted it with some fresh citrus soil.  I have it sitting out on the deck since tomorrow is going to be nice and sunny.  I'll probably bring him back inside tomorrow night since we're getting some rain and possibly some snow later this week.