May 25, 2015

Meal Prepping 5/25

I did some meal prepping today.  It makes things easier and saves time during the work week.  I normally try to do my meal prepping every Sunday.  I didn't do it yesterday so I figured I'd do it today since I was off from work.

First, I gathered all the veggies and washed them.

I chopped everything up.

Zucchini and Squash

Green Beans

Bonita Squash balls


I got a pack of fresh chicken thighs for $5 at Target.  There was a $2 coupon for it.  Yes please!  There are 6 thighs that I can chop up for lunches at work this week.

Here's some of what I prepped.

I also made chicken salad for lunches and sliced up some cucumbers.

Strawberry Picking 2015

I had the day off today.  I woke up early this morning to go to Miller Farms and pick strawberries.  I got there about 15 minutes early (7:45am) and waited in my car until they opened at 8am.

I walked towards the patch.  I stopped at the shed and picked up a flat to put berries in.  They were out of the baskets they normally have so the box was fine.  I was planning on picking a bunch because I was going to take some to my parents.

Here's the strawberry patch.  I was the first customer this morning.  There were a few workers picking at the far end for the market.

I walked a half way down and then started picking the bright ripened berries.

Then some families started showing up with their little ones.

Mmmmmmm......and yes I did sneak a two berries to eat.  :)  I couldn't resist.

Berries were everywhere.

Strawberry flower

A handful of strawberries.

The flat is filling up fast.

I took a cute picture with my garden hat.  :)

More strawberry flowers.

Ripe Strawberry

I wore my toms since I forgot to grab my sneakers.  Luckily, my toms were in my car so I took of my flip flops and put the toms on.  They got muddy though but it was better than wearing flip flops there.

After I was done picking, I got my berries weighed.  I got around 9 pounds.  :)

I then headed to the market to pay and check out the new building.  The farm had everything redone and it looks great.  There is a lot of room for goodies.  It looks really nice.

Here's the other side of the front.

There was pre-picked strawberries inside for purchase.

I bought a plain pound cake from the farm shop to have for dessert tonight with some freshly picked berries.  :)

There was a few adorable strawberry sugar cookies.  They were too pretty to eat.

After I walked around in the shop, I walked to the greenhouse to see what plants were in there.  Here's the potting station with dirt.

Plenty of flowers, tomatoes and herbs in the greenhouse.

Nice Hostas.

Cute area with pots and signs.  I really like the sign in left corner.  It says "homegrown vegetables".

I paid for my stuff and then left.  I bought myself one of the strawberry sugar cookies.  It was so good and it was worth every penny and every calorie.  haha

I had a nice day!  :)

I took the berries to my parents.  My dad started grabbing them as soon as I took them out of the car.  He said they were the best strawberries he'd had in a long time.  He kept grabbing and eating.  haha  I had my mom get some containers and she filled them up with some berries.  :)

When I brought the rest of the berries home, I put them in a container and put them in the fridge.

I can't wait to have some later with the homemade pound cake and a little sugar free cool whip.  :)

In My Garden 2015

I got out the good camera today and took some pictures from in my garden.  :)

Welcome to my container patio/deck garden.  You can see my lovely greenhouse in the back.  Everyone had a nice drink of H20 and the bees were happily flying around and checking things out this morning.

I even had a visitor stop for a drink at the bee station.  It was really humid/hot today here in Virginia.


Flowers I got for $1.

Blueberry bush I got for $5.

Flower for $1.


Do you see it?

Tiny little green beans all over the plant.  I had forgotten what I planted in here.  Last week, they had little purple flowers.

Cute green bean.  I grew these from seed.  :)

Another flower for $1.

Little  toms

This plant is loaded with tiny toms.  The smallest one is this wee little guy here.  He's about a size of a pea.  :)

Beef stake/steak toms.

Sweet cherry toms

Hibiscus flower


Flowers that guessed it...$1.

$1 flowers

$1 flowers still doing real good.

Lots of baby peppers.