December 17, 2014

3rd Work Food Swap

I organized to have our 3rd work food swap and it was today during our lunch hour.

Here's the past work swaps:

We had 9 people participating today.  We did an even trade with our items so everyone would get each item.  We each brought 8 items to swap and a sampling of our item.  One person ended up not showing up.  I think she was sick?  We went ahead and collected each extra item and took them to her anyway.  :)  After all it is the season of giving.  :)

Here's my plate of goodies.

Paula, brought crab dip and crackers.  She displayed everything in cute little bowls!

Sue, made chicken salad.  She had little containers for us to take with the chicken salad.  For the samples she had tiny red solo cups with chicken salad, crackers and grapes.  She displayed it all  in a basket with Christmas lights which I thought was just adorable!

Deirdre, made homemade potato salad.  Soooo good.  I had seconds.  We each got a container to bring home.

Jane, made pepperoni rolls.  So yummy!!!  Yes, we each got a pepperoni roll.  Jane said she got up at 5am this morning to bake all of these.  They are worth it!  I will probably be taking some of the roll for lunch tomorrow.

Gayle, made little wreaths with clementines for each of us.  They are cute!  For the samples she had a clementine cut up.  The wreaths make cute centerpieces.

Sharon, made banana bread.  Vanilla and Chocolate!  We each got a mini loaf of each one.  These are really good.  And it's only 3 ingredients.  Box of cake mix, eggs and bananas.  What?  LOL  It really does taste like banana bread.

Sam, made peppermint bark.  She packed it in cute Christmas treat bags.  MMMMM!!  :)

And here's my yumyums.  :)

It was a lot of fun.  We are already of thinking of doing another one around Valentine's Day.  :)

Christmas YumYums

I organized a food swap at my work.  I decided to make YumYums.

I brought the hugs with me to work and unwrapped them when I had some free time.  To me this is the hardest part of making these treats.  haha


207 unwrapped Hershey hugs in a big ziploc bag.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.  Lay pretzels on the baking sheet.

Add a Hershey hug to each pretzel.

Bake for 5 minutes.  You will know the hugs are melted because they will get all glossy.  

Have M&M's in a bowl so you can easily grab them.

Once you take them out, immediately put an M&M on top and press down.  (I place logo side down).

I put in fridge for a few minutes to help cool them.  Then place them in tupperware, treat bags or jars.  Since I was giving these away at my food swap I decided to put them in ball jars.

I tied some ribbon and an ornament bauble on each for an extra touch.

Movies with the BFFs

This past Sunday we met our BFF's at Cinebistro to see Hunger Games:  Monkingjay- Part 1.  We love Cinebistro.  It's our favorite theater.

K gave us a coupon for free popcorn.  YES PLEASE!  :)

I got the bistro burger.  It's pretty good.  I got it with fries.  Come to think of it....I think all of us got a burger.  :)

Here's my burger and fries.

As we were leaving we took selfies with the Christmas tree in the background.  :)  Then we hung out in the parking lot for about an hour chatting.

December 13, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

I had mixed feelings about decorating my house for Christmas this year.  How could I look at the tree and not see my Harley curled up underneath watching me?  :*(  I miss him so much.

Earlier this past week, I decided I wanted to decorate.  I brought the Christmas ornaments box upstairs.  I was hoping my husband would bring the tree up.  I had it sitting at the bottom of the basement steps for 3 days.  He didn't take the hint though.  :(  

Today, I cleaned the house and then brought the tree container up.  I scratched my arm in the process but I got the tree upstairs.

Here's a instacollage of some pics.  The plaid is my tree skirt (still has some Harley hair b/c he always laid on it), the tree being assembled, lights, ornaments and the tree set up.

I got the lights on the tree and then I started going through the ornaments.  I dropped one and pieces shattered.  It was our glass pickle that our friend, Laura gave us years ago.  :(

As I was going through the ornaments, I found one that made me cry.  It's a salt dough ornament I made in 2012 with Harley's paw print.  ;(

I put it on the tree.  Harley might have passed away but he's still with me in my heart and with little reminders.

I have lots of tiny little baubles.  I love baubles.  Just the name bauble makes me smile.  haha

Here's some ornaments that I like.

Sibling ornament.

A clown I made in middle school.

Here's the ornament I got while we were in Ohio.  It was a freebie for Nate's half marathon run.

This is one we already have.  :)

The tree is all decorated and looking cute.  :)

We normally put the tree in the corner of this room (to the right in picture) but I decided I wanted it in front of the windows this year.  I like it here since it's such a big tree so it doesn't look so crowded in front of the windows.

Christmas Party 2014

Nate had his Christmas work party last night at Fredericksburg Square.  We were married there 14 years ago (in October) so this place is special to us.  The last time we were here was just last December for Nate's Christmas party.

Here's last year's picture.  (When I weighed 73 more pounds more than I do now)

The theme this year was Great Gatsby.

I wore a black flapper dress, pearls, and fur wrap.  Here's my dress and pearls.

There was an awesome photo booth where you could take pics like a little movie.  The books printed off for you right there and you got to keep it.

We just danced around.

So when you flip the little book we are dancing.  It's really cool.

The menu had Salmon, Chicken, Prime Rib, salad, rolls, rice pilaf, veggie mix, and mashed potatoes.  For dessert we both got a slice of lemon chiffon cake and it was so good.

As, I was getting ready to leave the DJ announced "Here's a special song request (which was made by some of Nate's co-workers), going out to the photographer and his wife who were married here 14 years ago.  He's wearing his tux from the wedding and here's their first dance song".  And "Kiss me" by Sixpence none the richer started playing.  We danced while everyone watched and smiled and then everyone started joining in and dancing.  :)


Nate and I are fish-sitting for one of his co-workers.

This is Finn, a betta fish.

He just swims around in his bowl.  I like him.  :)

I like this little betta farm.


My lunches at work last week.


I brought some leftover beef stroganoff (from dinner the night before), fresh blueberries and a reduced fat mozzarella string cheese.


Leftover homemade red chili (from dinner Monday night).  I like bringing leftovers to work b/c then nothing gets wasted and it's like a free lunch to me.  :)


Work Christmas luncheon.  We had turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a roll.  There was green beans but they weren't out when I went through the line.

For dessert there was pumpkin pie, apple pie and cake.  I chose a slice of cake.


I had lean cuisine fajita style chicken spring rolls.  The rolls are filled with chicken, corn, black beans, bell peppers and onions.  They are pretty good.  I also had an apple, and reduced fat mozzarella string cheese.
(photo taken from google images)


I wanted to use up what I had at home in the freezer so I had lean cuisine fajita style chicken spring rolls again this day.  I also had some mandarin oranges, and reduced fat mozzarella string cheese.
(photo taken from google images)