April 21, 2014

Garden Update: Week 10 (Part 1)

I hope I don't get annoying with all of my garden post updates.  :)  I promise I'll only be updating when I have some exciting gardening news to share.  And I really do have something exciting that can't wait till the end of the week.

My deck garden is as happy as can be, soaking up the rays.  Everyone got a good drink of H20 and I totally had to get a photo this morning.  :)

My strawberry had more red this morning.  :)  YAY

Are you sitting down?  The exciting news I have to share that just can't wait till the end of the week.....I have a WATERMELON sprout!  :)  That's right folks....a watermelon.  :) *takes off the gardening gloves*

Produce Stand- Visit 4

I stopped at my favorite new place, C&T Produce stand today.  

On my list was to get peppers and cherry tomatoes.  I ended up with a little more than that.  I also got a bag of salad mix and I got 2 onions.

Fresh salad mix and onions

Cherry tomatoes 

Green Bell Peppers

Everything is vibrant in color, big in size and best of all is farm fresh!  :)  I spent $12.15 for everything.  The salad mix was $2 for the whole big bag, the peppers were .75 cents each, the onions are $1.25 per pound and the cherry tomatoes are $2.50/pint.  I got 2 pints b/c I love taking these guys to work to snack on.  :)  At the grocery store I was buying cherry tomatoes at $4 per package and not getting the quality that I am at this produce stand.  I'm saving money and getting fresh veggies.

I made a small side salad with my dinner tonight.  Fresh salad mix, cherry tomatoes, some ranch dressing and black pepper.  It was yummy!  :)  My husband even raised his eyes and said "that smells good" so I made him a nice big salad with some chicken, low fat cheese, cucumbers, black pepper and croutons.  He's not a tomato person so more for me.  :)

April 20, 2014

Garden Update: Week 9 (Part 2)

Week 9 update- Part 2.  I did some re-potting this morning so.........

Here's what my container garden outside looks like now.

I planted some newbies this morning.  Some white potatoes (from eyes of a potato I had), an orange lilly, and a beef steak tomato plant.  I really love the green color pots.  These are the new ones I picked up yesterday.  I want more of them....I'm gonna call them garden green or green thumb green.  :)

I also noticed I have a nice big squash flower!  :)

And my big strawberry is turning red.

This is the inside now.  I put all my cherry tomatoes in a window box with a trellis so they can starting climbing up it.

My peas are still climbing.  I think there's about 5 pods now!  :)

Here's the biggest pod.  You can see the peas in there.  :)

This is the aloe plant I got from IKEA.  I potted it this morning.

My lavender plant is growing like crazy.  I think I am going to have to repot it soon.

I have 3 sprouts now on my sunflowers.

And here's flower petals from the peas and sunflower seed casings I've collected in the window.  :)

I hope everyone had a great EASTER.  We spent the day at my in-laws and had a good time.  For dinner we had grilled pork chops, roasted red potatoes, saffron rice with broccoli, and biscuits.  It was also Gene's birthday and I brought a chocolate cake from Wegmans.  
It was very moist and delicious.  Good times with family.  :)

Ikea fun day

Yesterday, my friend Melissa met me at my house and we drove up to IKEA.  She also gave me a dozen of her farm fresh eggs which is perfect because we just ran out of eggs.  I also gave her a bunch of egg cartons that I've been saving for her.  :)

We had some things in mind that we wanted to get and we took our time walking all around the store.

When we got to the garden area we fell in love with a lot of the live plants.  I decided to get a aloe plant because I read on the internet that aloe plants are good to clean your air in your house.  Plus, aloe is awesome.  My dad had one when we were little and he would let us cut from it when we got scrapes or burns and we would put the aloe on the skin.  :)  Melissa got an adorable bonsai tree.  

There were so many fantastic plants like these orchids.  

We stumbled up on this outdoor patio set.  $119 for 4 chairs and a table.  This was so awesome!!!  We sat down in the chairs and they were very comfy.  I could see this on my back deck.

This is such a good deal.  I'm still thinking about getting one for us but I think my husband needs to see it in person to make sure he likes it.

We paid for our IKEA purchases.  

I got:
Children's basket set (for Ellie)
Bead roller coaster (for Ellie)

Melissa picked up some dish towels, bulbs, bowls, bonsai tree and a few other things.  :)

I wanted to go to Old Navy so I remembered how to get there from the last time I went and we found a cute place to have lunch.  We wanted to try something we've never tried before.  
We stumbled upon Zoe's Kitchen!  This place reminded me of Panera but instead of a ton of breads they are really big on pita.  :)
I got the grilled chicken dinner plate.  It came with a grilled chicken breast, roasted veggies (carrots, broccoli, and shrooms).  It also had a little bowl of white beans and they were so tasty.  :)  I practically licked my plate clean.

Melissa got chicken salad with fruit.  It was lettuce with chicken salad on top and surrounded by fruit.  We had a great lunch catching up.  :)

Next we went to Old Navy.  We both picked up a couple of things.  And Melissa decided she wanted the patio set after talking to her husband.  So, we went back to IKEA to get it.  When I saw the box I was concerned it wouldn't fit in my car.  I grabbed the measuring tape and we measured the box and then went back to the car and measured the car.  The box was too big to lay down in the back seat of my corolla.  I popped the trunk and we saw knobs to lay the seats down.  Then we measured the back and there was more than enough room.  YAY!!  Melissa ran back inside and bought the patio set and I drove to the loading dock and we got it in there.  :)  
Now I know if I go back to get one for myself that it would totally fit in my corolla.  :)

We sat in some traffic coming back.  We stopped off at Lowe's where I got some wasp spray, foggers for shed, 2 new pots, and a couple plants.  (Flowers for $3 and a tomato plant)

April 18, 2014

Garden Update: Week 9 (Part 1)

My garden update is a little early this week....(normally I do them on Sunday's).

I picked up a big bag of container soil from Lowe's this afternoon on my lunch break.  I felt like everyone was at the garden center.  It was packed for 1:30 in the afternoon.

Anyways, when I got home from work I decided to re-pot my plants.  I had brought in some of the plants when the weather got below freezing the last couple of nights.  Looks like the threat of freezing weather is over so it was time for the plant babies to go back to the deck.  I re-potted the potatoes, cucumbers, squash and zucchini plants.  I gave them all a nice drink and they seem to be good and happy.

I am happy to report that I have a cucumber blossom.  This is my first year growing cucumbers and I started them from seed myself.  YAY!  Green thumb!!  :)

April 17, 2014

Produce Stand- Visit 3

I took a small break at work today.  I had to get away so I went to one of my new favorite places.  C&T Produce stand.  I won't have time to stop this weekend so I figured today would be perfect to get what I need for dinners next week.

Here's the stand.  It's under a huge tent.

Colored peppers

Lots of healthy veggies

Delicious asparagus!

I spent $17 total on everything.  This is a pretty good bounty.  The picture doesn't really show you how big and fresh all of this produce is.

my produce bounty:

cherry tomatoes
3 cucumbers
3 huge potatoes (I'm making my own fries with these tomorrow)
2 onions
1 zucchini
1 squash
4 green bell peppers

April 14, 2014

My first Pea Pod

I couldn't wait to share my good garden news until this weekend, so I am sharing right now.

I have my very first pea pod!!!!  I noticed some petals on the window sill so I carefully moved the blind up to discover the petals that fell revealed the pod.  :)

The pea plant seems to have grown taller overnight.  You can see the picture I took yesterday here.

Here's another flower.  :)

I'm so excited!!  I can't wait to harvest this beautiful pea pod.

Oh....tonight and tomorrow we're supposed to get some heavy rains, winds and thunderstorms.  And then it's going to get freezing cold early Wednesday morning.  I brought in my babies so they won't freeze or get damaged by the winds.  (strawberries, squash, cucumbers, and marigolds)  :)