August 26, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #34

My husband injured his foot so he's got a boot to wear and he's supposed to take it easy.  We had yard work that needed to be done so I asked my dad if he could help out.  My dad was actually excited to use our TORO lawnmower.  haha  My dad cut the grass in the front and back yard.  He also cleaned up around our air compressor unit.  We have some nasty poison oak growing back there.  He trimmed the Japanese maple and killed whatever poison oak he found.  I gathered everything up.  I didn't touch the poison oak.  I don't know if I'm allergic and I'm not going to find out.

Here's my dad pulling out the last bit of weeds.

We need to put some round-up there to prevent more weeds from growing.  We also need to powerwash this side of the house.  It's the side of the house that never gets sunshine.

Here's some bags filled weeds.  There ended up being 7 bags total by the time I was done getting all the weeds.  While my dad mowed I cleaned up other areas that had weeds.

We found a praying mantis.  My dad had me gently pick it up and move it to another area of the yard so it wasn't near the mowing.  :)

I found a dragonfly taking a rest on a tree branch.  It kept moving it's head around all fast.  It was funny.

Flower on my butterfly bush.

I had a few daisies pop up in the front flower bed.  :)

I cleaned up my some dead squash plants.  Here's what's left on the desk.

I harvested a bunch of cherry toms.

and more toms...

green and purple beans

I also have some tiny eggplants coming in.  Here's 2.

I want to get some seeds  started for my fall/winter garden.  I'll probably do that next week.

Toddler Lunches

My toddler lunches and snacks last week....Some days are similar and other days I like to mix it up.
Bringing lunch to work saves me money and keeps me on track from running out and picking up fast food.  I try to keep everything healthy and I measure the food so I'm not eating too much of something.  :)


I had strawberries, hard boiled egg, grapes, fresh garden tomatoes, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, and reduced fat wheat thins.

Breakfast/snacks:  Quest bar, cashews, reduced fat graham crackers, sugar free pudding, banana, and reduced fat peanut butter.


Strawberries, grapes, hard boiled egg, rf mozzarella sting cheese, and rf wheat thins.

Breakfast/snacks:  Quest bar, pecans, sf pudding, rf graham crackers, banana and rf peanut butter.


Strawberries, pretzels, hard boiled egg, edamame hummus, fresh garden toms, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and grapes.

Breakfast/snacks:  Quest bar, fruit loops, sf pudding, rf graham crackers, banana and rf peanut butter.


Strawberries, broken pretzel pieces, garden tomato, hard boiled egg, edamame hummus, grapes, and rf mozz string cheese.

Snacks and dinner:  leftover sausage orzo, banana, rf pb and rf graham crackers.  (I had a gig after work so I ate dinner before my gig.)


Fresh garden toms, blue tortilla chips, rf mozz string cheese, hard boiled egg, edamame hummus, and grapes.

Breakfast/snacks:  Monster mix and a little white chocolate almond butter.

Days I needed a snack for the morning, I had some cocoa almonds that I leave at work in m desk.

August 25, 2015

Banana Peels to get rid of pesky aphids

Though my spring/summer garden is dwindling I still have some plants but the aphids are sucking the life out of some of them.  Aphids to plants are like head lice to humans.  They are tiny and annoying and they do damage.  I found a few links on pinterest that had organic ways to get rid of aphids.  I don't want to spray pesticides on my garden.

First you eat a banana and save the peel.

Cut the peel into small pieces.

Then spread around your infected plants.

I read that you can cover the peels with some dirt, but I had to go to work and didn't have time.

When I got home, the pieces were hard to see because they turned black.  I didn't cover with dirt.  I have just left the peels on top.

August 16, 2015

Meal Prep 8/16

I did some meal prep today.  Meal prepping makes things easier during the week after a long work day.  I washed my veggies.

4 of the green and purple beans are from my garden.  :)

I made hard boiled eggs and I cut up green beans, asparagus beans, baby squash/zucchini and a bell pepper.  I also cooked chicken breasts.

For dinner tonight, I made a chicken pot pie.  It was so good and just what my husband needed after a busy weekend working.

2015 Garden Update- #33

The spring/summer gardening season is winding down.  I do still have some things growing.

I cleaned up some dead squash plants.  I didn't get many squash or zucchini this year.  Maybe I can try to grow some in my green house this fall.

Best sunflower this year.  :)

I had a zebra swallowtail butterfly this morning.

I got several cherry toms this week.

More toms.

Just one blueberry.

Garden hat with some dandelions.  I know dandelions are weeds but the little yellow flowers are so cute so I took some pictures with them.

Adorable right?  :)  This is from in my greenhouse.

More cherry toms, freshly picked this afternoon.

Green and purple beans picked this afternoon.

I went to lowes on Saturday and picked up some a few things.  I got a red 20 inch pot for $5.  Some potting mix, orchid, reduced price orchid, reduced price succulent, orchid food, cactus mix and cactus food.  I spent $30.

Here's the plants I got.  The succulent is called sedum pork and beans.  It looks really cool.  It was only $1.  So, yes please.  :)  The orchid in the middle was $3 on clearance.  It's gone dormant so hopefully, I can get it to grow more flowers.  The purple orchid I bought with my $10 that my Grandma sent for my birthday.  :)  I've been wanting one so I figured why not.  It was $8 and some change.  It's so cute.

I've got quite a collection in my kitchen window.  :)

Peppermint flowers that have rooted and some dandelions

Peppermint with flowers.  I keep pinching off and flowers that grow.  You can then start a new plant with this.  :)

My celery is growing so crazy and I love it.

I re-potted a little succulent that I got from the farmers market a while back.  One the left is the sedum pork and beans.

I also re-potted my majestic palm that my mom bought me.  It's doing great.  It's so big.  I bought a plant stand at target last week for it.  It has plastic to catch any water spillage.  It also has wheels so it's easier to move around.

I did some seed saving today during meal prep.

Here's some asparagus bean seeds.

Purple beans seeds from my purple beans in my garden.  Oh looks it's a smiley. :)