January 22, 2017

I'm hooked on Coloring

Coloring for adults.  Yes please.  I always have fun coloring with my niece.  But I’ve been wanting something a little more grown-up.  haha  My friend, Crystal that I surprised at the beach the other weekend had some adult coloring books and colored pencils.  I colored some with her.  It’s very relaxing and takes the stress away.  It’s fun.
I’d seen someone post about finding a chicken coloring book at Michael’s Craft Store.  So one day after work, I went to Michael’s and got the coloring book.  I had to have it.   I couldn’t use a Michael’s coupon on the book.  Boo…but I did give it to a couple in line next to me getting ready to pay for their stuff.  🙂

I also went to AC Moore in Central Park and bought some colored pencils.  I can’t believe how many colored pencils there are to choose from.  As I was trying to decide which ones to get, this nice lady came down the aisle and saw me and said “Get those, you will love them.  I have them and they are the best”.  So she sold me on them and I got them.  I love them!! They are great because you don’t have to press down so hard on them for the color to show.
Here’s one chicken I’ve already colored.

Reminds you of someone right?

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