January 29, 2017

Mice in the Shed

The other week, I noticed the flock block my girls got from their Grandparents for Christmas had some pieces falling out of the package.  It was a rainy day and I was going to set it up in the coop run for the girls since they were going to be cooped up all day.

I knew right away it was mice.  I've seen droppings here and there in the shed but I've never seen a mouse or seen damage from one.

A pretty good chunk was missing.

I put the block in the coop in it's hanging basket so the chickens wouldn't be bored.  They loved pecking at this block.  It was gone within a few days.  I need to get them another one for snowy/rainy days when they stay in the coop and run.

I cleaned up the mess the mice made and organized a little.

This morning, while in the shed getting treats for the girls I noticed a new mess on the shelf.  Right away I knew the mice have been having a feast on my dime.  The mealworms aren't cheap.  They are $25 per bag.  I was mad.

Look at the hole.  I know the mice need food too and are just trying to survive.

I got some plastic containers and emptied the packages.

Here's the mealworms and cracked corn in the containers.

I had so much corn so I filled it up in some empty peanut containers.  Glad I kept the peanut containers.  I knew they'd come in handy.

If you're wondering what the cayenne pepper is for.  I sprinkle it in the layer feed with garlic powder and dried basil.  It's good for the girls.  Natural dewormers.  :)

Then I saw the mice also got in my basket and stole pumpkin seeds.

This actually made me laugh.  Who knew mice liked pumpkin seeds.

Mice are smart animals being able to open packages like those.

I cleaned up all the messes and made sure there was no packages and that everything was in some sort of container.  I also swept the shed out real good.

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