January 22, 2017

6th Work Food Swap

Some co-workers and I had a food swap on November 28th.  It’s where you make a dish and bring some to do an even trade.  This was our 6th food swap.  It’s a lot of fun.
Here’s the spread we had.  Lots of goodies.

Gayle made biscotti.  It was delicious and she packaged them in ball jars with some fabric and ribbon.

Sharon made homemade apple butter.  This was yummy by the spoonful.  So tasty.

Jane made a meat rub which she cooked with some chicken.  We put the chicken in some tortillas and had a little taco.  We each got a little baggy of the seasoning.  I can’t wait to use the rub on pork or steak.  It was awesome.

Paula made sausage balls.  She packaged them in little boxes that looked like elves pants.  MMMM!!!!

Sam made mini pineapple upside down cakes.  So flavorful.  My husband really enjoyed one I brought him home.  He loves pineapple upside down cake.

Sue made a ham salad which we all got a container of.  She also made some little wraps that had cream cheese and cranberries.  So good!

Judy (her first food swap) made mini cheese balls for us to take home and a big cheese ball for us to try.  It was delicious!!!

And lastly, I made chicken salad.  I put the chicken salad in little containers and everyone got a container with a bag of croissants.  I served the sample with croissants and chips.

We enjoy baking or cooking and seeing what each person comes up with.  We also like being able to catch up with one another.  🙂

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