January 22, 2017

Chicken Swing

For my birthday back in August, my husband told me he was going to build the chickens a swing.  Chickens love swings.  Apparently it’s a thing. Watch the video for proof.
The girls have patiently been waiting for their swing.  Here they are sitting on the wood that was on the back deck.

My husband finally built the swing!!!!  🙂  Yes, I know you are probably thinking my chickens are spoiled.  And you’re right.  They are spoiled because they are happy and happy chickens lay lots of eggs.  🙂

My husband drew , he bought all the supplies and he built it all on his own.  It took him 6 hours.  I think his Amish heritage helped him out a lot on this.  haha  It looks so good.  Now we just need to stain it but we can do that later.
Here’s the chickens eating some treats and checking out the swing.  Hopefully, they will be swinging soon enough.

My chickens are scared of new things so they will have to get used to the swing set.  Here’s Buttercup on the swing being held by my husband.

Once they start swinging you know there will be a video.  🙂

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