January 22, 2017

Say Hello To Amelia…

Call me crazy but on October 4th, after work I drove down to Amelia, Virginia.  I picked up this beautiful girl.  I named her Amelia because well she’s from Amelia.  haha  
Her breed is a Gold Laced Wyandotte.

She is so sweet.  My husband couldn't believe I drove over an hour to pick up a chicken.  But as soon as he saw her he fell in love with her.  She's his girl and she loves him holding her.  She sits with him and naps.  It's adorable.

My other 3 girls (chickens) picked on her.  I had to keep them separated for several weeks.  The have accepted her for the most part but they still pick on her sometimes.  She's number 4 on the pecking order so they have to make sure she knows her place.

She's such a sweetheart.  

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