July 30, 2009

Eye Color: Hazel

About two months ago I got my drivers license renewal form in the mail b/c I turn 30 next month my license expires. So, instead of going to the DMV and standing in line for 2 plus hours I figured mailing my form in would be simple. I should have known better!!!! :(

I finally got my new license in the mail today. In case you didn't know Virginia has revamped their licenses.

I looked closely to make sure everything was correct and well they have my eye color listed as hazel. So, I called them about the mistake and the idiot working didn't know what to tell me. I told her that it says to call if anything is incorrect so that was why I was calling. She put me on hold and told me that I would have to go to the DMV and pay $10 for them to correct the mistake. I told her that was ridiculous and she said well you want everything to be correct so you should go. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole point of doing it thru the mail was so I wouldn't have to step foot in that crazy place.

And why do I have to pay $10 for a mistake that the DMV made? I already paid $32 for the new license.

Screw that...I now have HAZEL colored eyes. :)

Little Church

Off Rt. 2 in Woodford there is a cute little white church that I always pass by. I decided go take some pictures today. :)

I'm in love

I love my house so much!!!!!!!! It will be 2 years this October!! :) (already....wow)

Nate's car

Today, at 2pm I am taking Nate's car over to my dads to get an oil/filter change. Last night, Nate told me that the car had some sort of collection in the front. I asked him what he was talking about. He said that he's basically been collecting trash and putting it on the front floor board. I wasn't surprised. For some reason he never knows how to keep his car clean. So, I figured this morning I better go out and take a look. (I told him I was going to blog this and he laughed)

Here's the car:

I opened the front door on the drivers side and looked in. Sure enough....lots of trash. This picture doesn't really show you the full affect.

Why can't boys keep their car cleaned? I think I need to put a little trash can in Nate's car like Kristen and Dave have. Maybe that would help him? (doubt it)

I filled a whole trash bag full of all the trash from the front and back. Plus, found a black sharpie marker (MINE!!!) and some socks and a white hand towel. Also, my black craft table for some reason was in the back seat. Good thing I didn't need it. GEEZ!!!

And now time for the trunk.......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what on earth is in there??? You can't see in this picture but my big white bowl is in there behind the monitor. My dads tent and GOD knows what else. For all I know there could be a small child in there. LOL :)

July 27, 2009


Anyone that knows me knows that I love a site called, neopets.com. I've been on the site for 8 1/2 years. I really love little pets named Kacheeks!! And today one of my neofriends made my day by trading a pet of theirs to get me my dream pet...A grey Kacheek!! :)

My original neopets (over 3,000 days old).....they are dressed up. :)

Other pets I have (you can have 5 accounts) that I adore!! :)

July 24, 2009

Little Homemaker Bonz

I've been a busy little homemaker today. First off, I made pasta salad!

Looks good doesn't it? Wondering what's in it? Well....Garden Rotoni Pasta noodles, Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini, Red Pepper, and cheese crumbles.

Next, I made Watergate Salad. I'm taking it to Kristen's tomorrow for lunch after our Card Workshop. Since there is a lot of pasta salad, I'll probably take some of that along as well.

I love this stuff!! It's so easy to make and it's delicious!!! The ingredients are pictured above. It's a crowd pleaser dessert and best of all there is no fat. :)

Yes, I used my Kitchen Aid mixer. I love my mixer! When I first had it I didn't use it b/c I was scared and didn't know how. But I know how now and I love it!!

I had about 6 or 7 peaches left from Westmoreland berry farm. I didn't want them to start rotting so I peeled off the skins and cooked the peaches.

I put a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, water, lemon juice and pineapple juice in the pot while they boiled. Then I let the peaches cool and then I put them in jars. I think it will be yummy on top of some vanilla ice cream. Ashley and Kristen might be getting a little jar if they ask me real nicely. :)

I guess the real thing I started was marinating steaks for dinner. I put them together at 12 am this morning when I got home from work that way they would marinate overnight.

The steaks turned out great like usual.....(I use flat iron steaks and cut them in half)

I also made some corn and baked potatoes! Yum!!!!!!!!!!!! And now it's time to eat!

July 23, 2009

Birthday Countdown....

Ahhhhh I will be 30 in less than a month!!! Do I want to be 30? Not really! People say it's just a number and my best years are still yet to come. I don't know I would rather stay in my 20's.
30 just sounds old to me. haha :) I can't wait for my birthday weekend though. It's going to be so much fun! Next weekend Nathan and I are going to Monticello to check out Thomas Jefferson's crib and then the following weekend it's going to be full of fun with Kristen and Ashley. :) Kristen is even making me a really awesome birthday cake. She says it will be the one pictured below so I really can't wait. LOL :)


I have some bird feeders hanging up in the backyard and down below them some sunflowers have sprouted up. This is just a picture of one of them. I will have to take some more pictures of them. I like them b/c I didn't have to plant them. I guess in a way the little birdies did. :)


Kristen and I decided to go on a Road Trip this past weekend just like old times. It was lots of fun!!! :) We went to the Westmoreland Berry Farm (WBF) off Rt. 3 in Westmoreland County. We walked around and checked out the famous acrobatic goats and took pictures. Then we went inside the market and bought some freshly picked fruit. I got a box of peaches. Kristen bought some blackberries, peaches and blueberries. I asked the cashier if it would be ok to go take pictures of the orchards and she said yes but to stay away from the peaches. Ummmm ok???

Yeah well we didn't really listen. We managed to find the peach trees and we took photos. I like this one the best. Near the peach trees were also apple trees and tomato plants.

The blueberries for sale in the market. Makes a good desktop background. :)

Raspberries in the raspberry bushes. From what we could tell blackberries and raspberries grow on the same bushes. I didn't know that. But there isn't as many blackberries on the bushes so maybe they are harder to come by?

On the way out I pulled over and took some pictures of the 'cinnamon rolls'. They are just rolled up hay stacks. My dad though, always calls them tootsie rolls. haha :)


Lady Gaga is well....LADY GAG-GAG!!! Why is she wearing a Kermit the Frog jacket? WTF!!!! I think someone needs to check into the looney bin! :)

Magnolia Tree!

Nate's mom, Linda dug up one of her Magnolia Trees at her house and brought it over then planted it on the side of my house where it was bare. There used to be a massive ugly Cedar tree there but my dad dug it up a year ago so until now there was nothing there but the ugly stump. Linda dug up the old cedar stump and planted the Magnolia tree. I have to water it every other day unless there is rain. I hope it grows and I hope I don't kill it. I think it's cute! I like Magnolia trees. It reminds me of the one at my parents house that Billy climbed as a child.

Harley's Shave

Harley is such a furball!! I love him but sometimes his hair is just way too much. I was petting him and noticed his fur was matting up at his back. I know it's very uncomfortable for him. Getting tangles or knots in my own hair isn't fun. I couldn't imagine being a cat and getting tangles. I couldn't just cut out the knots with scissors b/c it was too close to his skin. Last summer, I took Harley to Petsmart but they don't know what they are doing there. I asked Linda (Nate's mom) if she could come over with Nate's hair trimmers so we could shave Harley. She agreed! She came by a few days ago. And we shaved him.

He wasn't too happy though and it took several hours.

After his shave, we put him in the bathtub and gave him a nice bath. He freaked out a little. I think he might of wished Dave was there. I think he likes getting baths from Dave. He finally gave up and just layed there and let us finish bathing him. Then we wrapped him up like a little baby and dried him off. Even though he had a rough day, I think he thanks us. He's so much lighter now and no more tangles! :)

July 22, 2009

My first blog posting!!

This is my first blog!!! :) I really enjoy reading Kristen's blog so I thought I would give this a try. I'm sure mine won't be as cool as most of the blogs out there but it's a start. More to come later! But yey for my first blog posting! :) Oh...and I'm a smiley fool so just a warning......there will be lots of them. :)