May 8, 2011

Pablo Picasso Exhibit

This weekend, we (Joe, Sharon, Dave and me......Kristen is in NEW YORK otherwise she would have been right there with us) went to Richmond to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see Picasso Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris. The pieces are on tour while the Picasso Museum in Paris, France is being remodeled. I knew as soon as I heard about it that I wanted to go see it b/c it was a once in a lifetime chance to see. It's not like I'm going to Paris anytime soon. haha And the cool was just an hour down the road. :)

This is a self portrait of Picasso dated 1906.

One of my favorite paintings was the Portrait of Olga in an armchair. (Dated 1918) Picasso loved Olga who was a ballerina. The had a son (Paulo in 1921)

This one stood out to me....with all the colors. It's the Portrait of Dora Maar. (Dated 1937) Dora Maar was a photographer and painter and she challenged and inspired Picasso during his political painting era.

This is a bull head sculpture. It's made from an old bicycle seat and handle bars.

Here is Pablo Picasso in his studio.

We all had a great time. Took us about 2 hours, taking our time looking at the exhibit, which had about 11 separate rooms with each era. We found some paintings, and sculptures to be perverted and we'd just laugh. :) After the exhibit we met Crystal and Eddie at Maggiano's for dinner where we had to wait an hour and 40 min for a table. BLECH!! But we knew the food was worth the wait. And we all had a great dinner together. :)

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