January 22, 2017

I love my Chickens

One day after I got home from work I checked on my backyard chickens in the pouring rain.  I gave them some treats.  I then checked the nesting boxes to see 2 eggs laying in there.  One was egg #8 from Buttercup and the first egg from Grace (Sept. 28th).  Molly had laid her first egg the day before (Sept. 27th).  All 3 of my chickens are now laying eggs. The picture is of all the first eggs.  It’s so exciting!  Buttercup’s light green egg is on the right.  The light brown one in the middle is Molly’s.  And the light brown one on the left is Grace’s first egg.  🙂 I’m a proud chicken mama.

For those that don't know...when chickens are ready to lay eggs they squat.  When you call their name they will squat for you.  The hen squatting is Molly.  She squats for me all the time and loves to be petted.  She's my favorite girl.  (shhhhhh)  :) 

Now before you judge this picture.  Yes, my girls are eating some scrambled eggs.  Laying hens need extra protein and feeding them cooked eggs helps me lay more.  No, feeding them will not make them want to eat their eggs.  And no they are not eating their babies.  Their eggs are not fertile because I don't have a rooster.  The girls only get scrambled eggs when I have extra I'm not going to use.

My girls also love meal worms.  They are given these as a treat.  :) 

How cute is this egg in the nesting box?  I have like to put dried flowers and herbs in the nesting box.  The girls love it.  What girl doesn't like flowers?  haha

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