January 29, 2017

Seed Starting and Reusing Toilet Paper Rolls for Good

I'm late on starting seeds.  ACK!!!  By now I already have sprouts.  But not this year.  Yesterday, I finally got some seeds started.

For the last couple months I have been saving every toilet paper roll.  I've been trying to save things I know I could re-purpose.  I had abut 20 rolls.

I cut them all in half.

I cut 4 slits around the top.

Then taped the bottom.

28 halves (14 rolls) to use as little seed pods.

I looked through my seeds and picked out what I wanted to plant.

I planted beans, peas, chives, lavender, and parsley.  I also re-potted the 3 acorns my dad gave me to plant.  They didn't do anything in the other pots I had them in so I'm trying again.  
Hopefully it's not too late.

Seeds make me happy.  Sprouts make me Happier.  :)

I covered all with seed starting soil and watered real good.

I had some sprouted potatoes in the pantry.  I cut off the sprouts and planted here.

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