January 22, 2017

RIP Grandma Miller

On Wednesday, September 7th, Grandma Miller passed away.  

June 4th, 1921- September 7th, 2016

Nate and I drove to Ohio that weekend so we could be there for the funeral and be with family.

Grandma's favorite color was red.  She loved red roses.  Whoever wanted a rose at the burial got to take one from the beautiful bouquet of roses.

Here's my rose laying on Nate's dads suit jacket.

Pretty rose.  It's since dried up and is with my rose from Grandma Runyon's funeral.

We will miss you Grandma Miller.  You welcomed me with open arms when I first met you during Thanksgiving 1999.  You said to call you Grandma.  I tried your date pudding and loved it.  I found out that mashed potatoes taste so much better with brown butter and Amish noodles.  You had so many memories you shared with me about your life that I will always cherish.  I won't forget when we visited with you and we raced to see who could get in their jammies first.  You always won and we'd meet in the kitchen and get Smith's ice cream and fill up our bowls and then go to the living room and binge watch Law and Order- SVU together.

Nate will never forget how proud you were of him when he ran the Berlin Half Marathon.  You said to him "It's better than getting drunk and sitting on your ass every weekend".

We love you always.

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