January 22, 2017

Ohio 2016

While we were in Ohio for Grandma Miller's funeral we stayed at the Wallhouse hotel.  We didn't feel like we were in Amish country at all.  We felt like we were in Vegas.  It was a very nice hotel and we would stay here again.

They had free breakfast in the morning and both Nate and I couldn't get enough of the maple cinnamon rolls.  They are the best!!!

We had some downtime so Nate wanted to go take some pictures and use his drone.


We went out to the old farm that Nate's dad grew up on.  The Amish gentlemen wasn't home yet but one of his daughters opened the door.  She gave us permission to take some pictures with the drone.

It was laundry day.  :)

Nate got some really good aerial shots of the old farm.  

I saw this plant in a field.  Nate's dad told me it was milkweed.

He plucked a pod off. 

How cool?  I knew of milkweed but had never seen it.  It's like glue.  Nate's dad told me when he was growing up that his Amish friends would use milkweed for glue.

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