January 22, 2017

Presents, Hutch and Smallcakes

My BFF and I took my little sister out for her birthday on December 19th.

We went to lunch at Hutch.  AMAZING food.  I highly recommend the Hutch Burger.

I brought Christmas gifts for my niece.  Yes they were wrapped in Chicken paper.

She loved everything.

For a birthday treat we stopped at a place called Smallcakes.  I’d never even heard of this place but apparently it’s really popular.  They’ve been on 3 seasons of Cupcake Wars, The View, USA Today, MTV and others.  I will tell you this cupcakery is awesome!  The cupcakes are perfect and the homemade ice cream is delicious.  Next time, you’re in Richmond (RVA) then you have to stop in here.  You will not be disappointed.

We each got a smash cake.  You pick a cupcake which they cut it in half for you and then you pick homemade ice cream to go in the middle of the cupcake.  Here’s my niece picking out ice cream.

This is my smash cake.  I got the “CHOCO-HOLIC”- chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream topped with valrhona chocolate sprinkles.  For the ice cream in the middle I chose chocolate and vanilla.  You get 2 scoops of your choice.  OMG it’s sooooo good.

This was my dinner that night.  I ate the entire thing.  My sister had to take hers home because she couldn’t finish it.

A smash cake is way too much for a little girl so we just got my niece a little bowl of ice cream.

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