January 22, 2017

Tyrion Is Spoiled

It’s okay to spoil your pets right?  Of course it is.  Who doesn’t spoil their fur babies?
I found some awesome toys at Five Below and a few things for him at the Dollar Tree.
The above picture is of a cat tunnel.  It’s got cute paw prints on it.  It was only $4 at Five Below and they had several designs you could choose from.
Below is a mouse chaser with a scratch pad I also found at Five Below for $5.  Yes, Tyrion is wearing a little shirt I found at the Dollar tree for just $1.  It says “Heart Breaker” on it.  🙂  I also found an adorable plush cheeseburger toy for $1.  He carries it around the house.  It’s so funny.

And because kittens are curious and want to play with everything…he managed to find my nieces ‘basket of fun’ the other night.  Here he is playing with Curious George.

He also found another toy.  This is an Alvin and the Chipmunks plush ball.  I hope my niece doesn’t mind him playing with these.  haha

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