August 10, 2016

Native American Pow Wow

I know I've been MIA lately on my blog.  I'm on another stay cation this week.  I'm trying to get all caught up.  By the time I realized how far behind I was in blogging the more I dreaded it.  :(

I love my blog.  It's like my diary.  I love being able to go back to it to remember where I went, what I baked or what I did.  Real life has just been in the way.  Sometimes I don't even turn on my computer when I'm home.  Most days I'm either with my chickens or in my garden.

Moving on...back in June my MIL invited me to a Native American Pow Wow.  It was a pow wow with the Mattaponi Indian Tribe.  My in-laws neighbors have a DIL who's from the Mattaponi tribe.  They wanted them to experience the pow wow.

The Chief was there as well as many other indians.  It was so wonderful to see and experience their culture.

There were several booths set up with merchandise for sale.  My MIL and I walked around.



Arrow heads 

Dream catchers


Lots of great things.

My MIL and I both got a hot dog and we shared some fries.  I also got a grape sno-cone.  MMMM

It was fun.  I'm glad I went.

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