August 10, 2016

2nd Annual Dino Walk

Back in July, I took my niece, sister and brother-in-law to Culpeper for the 2nd Annual Dino Walk with the Museum of Culpeper History.  We drove down into the Quarry.  It was so cool. This was the 2nd year for the event. It was so awesome and even more cool that dinosaurs roamed in our backyard millions of years ago.
Some pictures…
Everyone got this sheet before we drove down into the quarry.
My niece, Elllie spraying the tracks with water.
Dino tracks…
We had a lot of fun.  If you get a chance to go next year you should take your family.  It’s only $10 for a car/truck load.  Then afterwards you go to the Museum and there is refreshments, and activities for the little ones plus you get to explore everything in the museum for FREE.

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