June 30, 2014

Sad Day

My heart is broken.......my kitty son passed away this morning here at home with Nate and I.


My favorite picture of my baby.

I painted "HARLEY" on a rock that Nate found.

I picked some fresh daisies for him.  We wrapped him up in some towels and placed him in a box with his tennis ball, can of treats, and a photo of us.  I also wrote a private note on the inside of lid.

Nate dug a deep hole in the backyard.

We both sprinkled some dirt on top of his box and then Nate covered the rest.  I placed the daisies and rock on top.  We have some more dirt to fill in once the dirt settles a little more.  Nate also has some plans to corner off the area with some bricks.

Here's the rock and daisies up close.  A little light shining down.  Harley knows we loved him so much.

We love you Harley!  You're in a better place and we'll meet again.  We will never forget you.  Having you all this time was the best years of our lives.  We were so lucky to have found you when we did.

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