June 21, 2014

Farmers Market 6/21

I got up this morning and headed to my favorite farmers market before going to the grocery store.

Once I got to the market I parked my car and saw my radio/tv teacher from high school.  She was putting farmers market goodies in her car.  I went over to her and said hello and we hugged.  She said she was proud of me and loves listening to me on-air.  She said I did a great job on-air and that made me happy.  :)

We said goodbyes and parted ways.

I had my list on my phone.  I needed:

-bell peppers

I took some pictures as I walked around.

Here's a picture of large zucchini for .99 cents per pound.  The zukes were huge.

Some colored beans

More beans

Elephant garlic with flowers

Sweet corn

Swiss chard

Sunflowers for $10 a bunch.  These were flawless and so much more prettier than my sunflower.

Lots of squash and zucchini.


Flowers....I had some of these but they died.  They look really pretty.


Salad peas and cherry tomatoes.

Here's my haul.  :)  I got everything on my list and spent $17.95 on local farm fresh produce.

Purple pepper!

Cherry tomatoes


So pretty

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