June 16, 2014

Kings Dominion 2014

My job has perks.....I always voice the Kings Dominion commercials at my station and I asked my boss for a pair of tickets and got them.  Woo hoo!  :)  
I hadn't been to KD since I was like 16.  My sister and I got off work and went today for a sister day.

The main attraction we wanted to see was the dinosaur exhibit since we both love them.  This t-rex is right off the road when you pull into KD.  

We paid for parking and got all ready to head to the gates.

Here's the view looking at the gate from the car.....it was a long way but walking is good for you.

Once we got to the gate we did a bathroom break.
Here's Ellie ready to go.

Ellie met Charlie and Lucy.  She wasn't scared.  She kept smiling at them.

The famous eiffel tower.

Ashley and Ellie

Ellie and me

We lathered up in sunscreen and Ellie took the map and led the way.

Here's a dinosaur.  There's a few scattered about to promote the exhibit.

We then made our way over to Plant Snoopy.  Ellie and Snoop are holding hands.

Ashley and Ellie on a ride.  Ellie looked so tiny in there.  haha

Ellie and I rode a train.  It was fun and she said "wow". 

Here we re coming around a turn.  The train went around the track two times.

Ellie wanted to walk after the train ride.  Guess she needed to stretch her legs.  :)

We then found a cute hot air balloon ride.  Ashley and Ellie rode it.

Up, up and away.

We found snoopy but Ellie wasn't too sure about him.  She kept some space between them.

We also rode a carousel.  Ellie loved it!

She's having so much fun.

Here's Ashley and Ellie.  Adorable!!!

This is Ruby the horse.

Ellie got a cute button that says "I rode Ruby the 40th Celebration horse."  We attached it to the stroller.

Here's the singing mushrooms.  They were much bigger when I was little.  haha

Singing frog

We found the dinosaurs alive exhibit.  We were excited!

There was a lot of dinosaurs.  Some names we'd never ever heard of before.

One of my favorites.....I always love the long necks.

Follow the dino prints.....

I liked this family of dinos.  Little babies and eggs.


Little kids could dig in a big sand pit for 'fossils'.  

Here's some fossils scattered about.

More dinos

T-Rex was saved for the end.

Oh we had a some pictures taken as we walked in.  We viewed them and they were really cute pictures.  Too expensive to purchase tho.  I did sneak a picture of the 'scary' shot.  :)

We went up the eiffel tower because it's awesome.  This is the view from the top.....264 ft. in the air.

Ellie and me selfie

Ashley and Ellie looking at the park.

Roller Coaster

Ashley bought Ellie is little pink dinosaur.  Ellie loved it.  She kept hugging it.  :)

We took a picture at the entrance/exit on our way to the car of the 40th celebration 'cake'.

Here's Ashley and Ellie

And Ellie and me.

We drove to Cracker Barrel and grabbed an early dinner.  We were so hungry and sweaty and hot.  We all got water, grilled chicken, side salad, biscuits, and side veggies.  Everything was so yummy.

I'll end this blog with Ellie hugging with her dinosaur.  Love her!  :)  It was a lovely day.

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