June 7, 2014

Farmers Market 6/7

I got up early this morning and made my way over to my favorite farmers market.  I had budgeted $32 in cash to spend.  ($10 from my vanilla sales and $18 from returning something, and some quarters from my toll stash)  I wasn't planning on spending all of it because whatever was left would go to groceries.

I got there early because I wanted to beat the crowds.  I also wanted to be sure that I got the main things on my list.

My list was simple enough:


I headed to C&T Produce first.

Here's some big a$$ carrots and some english peas.  This tent was booming.  Lots of people getting greenhouse tomatoes.  They looked so good.  I didn't need any because I had one at home.


I bought $8.65 worth of produce from C&T.  

-big white onion (so big I'm using it in 3 meals)
-english peas
-3 white potatoes
-green beans

I then headed over to my other favorite vendor, Ochoa Produce.

The carrots were right as you entered one side of the tent.  They were just beautiful.  I overheard some ladies talking about how brightly colored they were.

Elephant garlic.  These had garlic flowers.  They looked awesome.  I took a picture but it came out blurry.

I bought $8.00 of produce at Ochoa.

-1 bunch of carrots
snow peas
blue potatoes (though they look purple)

Total spent = $16.75
Leaving me with= $15.25

The rest I used on groceries.  :)

After I got all my produce I walked around to the other vendors.  I like walking around and taking it all in.

Once I got to my car,  I took everything out of my tote bag and emptied everything into my farmers market box.  The veggies always fit so nicely in the box and then I can see everything I got.  :)

Lots of lovely produce....

Broccoli for dinner.....so fresh and I couldn't wait to cut it up.

Here's a blue potato.  Doesn't it look purple?

Sugar snap peas

Pretty carrots

Here's everything.  I got a nice haul.

I've already prepped 95% of the produce.

I made beef n' broccoli for dinner tonight. (more on that later)  I also made a stir fry and I sauteed vegetables for the week.  

The only things left to use are the potatoes (white and purple) and the green beans.  :)

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