June 1, 2014

Lunch at Zoe's Kitchen

I love Zoe's kitchen.  I went there a few months ago with my friend Melissa.  When I saw that Richmond had a Zoe's, I asked Kristen and Ashley if they'd like to do lunch there.  Everyone agreed.

I got the grilled chicken dinner.  It comes with a grilled chicken breast, a small bowl of the best and tastiest white beans and a veggie mix.  I got this same dish when I went a few months ago.  When I find a meal I like, I tend to order the same thing each time I go.  :)  I stick with what I know.  haha

My niece joined us.  YAY!!  Here she is drinking some milk.  She had a smorgasbord of food.  My sister gave her some rice, beans, fruits etc.  She's a good little eater.

She got bored sitting in the high chair and decided to sit with Kristen and me going back and forth.

Later in the afternoon we stopped off at Ashley's too visit some more.

Here's Ellie with one of her baby dolls.  She's hugging her.  :)

E is grabbing the yellow ring on her baking center.

She likes to use the ring as a bracelet.  She's so adorable!  :)

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