June 9, 2014

Garden Update: Week 16 (Part 2)

Another update on week 16.  (little late)  This was from yesterday.

While watering my plants yesterday morning, I lifted the bottom leaves on my cherry tomatoes and found some ripened yellow tomatoes.  I touched one and it came right off the vine.  All of them came off the plant so easily. YAY!!  Yellow cherry tomatoes!!  I got 5 of them.  One still had some green so I put it in the sunny kitchen window and it's already finished ripening.  :)

How cute are they?  :)

I immediately sliced one open and tried it.  So sweet and juicy!  :)

I then checked my cucumbers.  This little guy was ready to pick.  I didn't want him to rot and he hasn't changed in size in about a week.  So....I snipped him off his vine.  He's tiny.  LOL

For size comparison here's my first cucumber with the little one.

Then it was time to slice it up.  Looks like little pickles eh?  It tasted just like a cucumber.  :)  MMMMM

Here's the big sunflower.  More yellow each day.  :)

I took a selfie with my sunflower.  :)  I had to bend down.  It's not quite my height.  :)

Here's the smaller sunflower.

Here's 2 other sunflowers not quite ready yet.

Here's my squash plant.  Lots of incoming squash.  :)

Oh yes, I inspected the pepper plants real closely and discovered pepper blossoms galore and 2 peppers.  One pepper shaped long ways.  

And I'm sorry this one is blurry but this looks like the normal bell shaped pepper.

I also have flower blossoms on my small white potato plant.

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