June 21, 2014

Homegrown Red Potatoes

When I got home from work yesterday, I figured it was a good day to dig for potatoes.  It's been 104 days (March 9) since I planted the potato scraps.  :)  I was excited!  This was my 4th potato harvest and I wanted it to be successful.  The potato plant was just about all dead so I figured it was time to dump and dig.

I put on my gardening gloves and I took the pot off my deck down to where I dump old dirt and plants.

I carefully dumped out the plant.  The little white square in left corner of soil is the marker tag I made that says "Red potatoes".  It got lost in the dirt.  haha

I immediately saw potatoes falling out after dumping.  :)  As soon as I saw these 2 potatoes I knew I was going to hit the jackpot on this harvest.  I began digging in the soil for the potatoes with delight.

I dug a total of 12 potatoes.  I even have a set of conjoined twins and a tiny tiny tiny potato.  :)

How awesome right?

I was so happy and came inside and showed Nate.  He agreed with me that this was our best potato harvests yet.  It was so simple a few little potato scraps turned into 12 potatoes.  
I'm a pro at growing potatoes.  :)

Here's my other 2 potato plants I have still growing.  These are both the white potato variety.

I have 2 blue potatoes (purple) that I saved and I'm waiting for eyes to grow on them.  Once the eyes grow I will cut them off, dry them out and plant them.  Then in a 100 days (3 months) from planting, I will have my own homegrown blue potatoes.  :)

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