June 9, 2014

Fun with friends at Tim's

My friend, Crystal is having a birthday tomorrow.  Kristen and I planned a birthday celebration with our group of friends.  We wanted something fun and somewhere we haven't been.  
We all met at Tim's at Lake Anna.  One of our friends got lost and ended up being an hour late.  LOL  We forgave her though.  Good thing she's pretty.  ahahaha  :)

Here's the entrance.


Nice view of a small cove.  Weird that we saw 2 cows wading in the water like they owned the place.  haha

Here's the front of the menu.  Very fun and colorful.  haha

My friend, Dave paid me $4 to try crab dip.  I did it.  BLECH  (I don't eat seafood...not a fan)

Kristen baked chocolate zucchini cupcakes.  OMG they were soooooooooooooo good.  I'm gonna make some of these in the near future.  Gotta get some zucchini!!!!  :)
They aren't iced.  Kristen brought the icing with her and iced them at the table.  Why not right?  LOL

MMMMMMMM  Ukrops icing is really the best stuff ever!!!!

Here's Crystal with her daughter.  Such a cute picture of them.  :)

Happy (early) Birthday Crystal!!  :)

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