June 3, 2014

Meatball and Zucchini Soup

Last week, when I was meal planning I came across a yummy looking recipe on pinterest for meatball soup.

I made it for dinner tonight.  It was yummy and will be added to dinner rotations.  It will be especially good during the winter months when you need comfort food.

I cooked up my meatballs, cut up my veggies and put everything in my pot last night so all I had to do today when I got home from work was heat the soup up.

For the Meatballs:

lean ground turkey
1 egg
1 slice of bread (tiny pieces)
parsley flakes
black pepper
some stewed tomatoes (cut up chunks and put rest aside)
half an onion  (cut into pieces)

Mix everything together until combined.  Take some meat and roll into meatballs.  In a pan, heat some olive oil, w sauce and minced garlic.  Once pan is hot, add your meatballs and let them cook.  Remember to rotate the meatballs to cook all the sides.  You could bake these in the oven as well.  Once the meatballs are done, just drain them on a paper towel.

For the Soup:

can of tomato sauce
can of beef broth
rest of stewed tomatoes (cut chunks of tomatoes)
other half of onion (cut into pieces)
red bell pepper (cut into pieces)
yellow bell pepper (cut into pieces)
4 or 5 small zucchinis (washed, and sliced into rounds.  I leave peel on)
parsley flakes
black pepper
salt (I didn't add salt to pot but my husband added some his bowl)

Add everything to a big pot.  You can put in fridge and have it ready to heat up for the next day or go ahead and heat up.  About 20 to 30 minutes.

Serve with some saltines or with some french bread.

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