June 7, 2014

Garden Update: Week 16 (Part 1)

Garden update for week 16.  (little early)

Happy Garden!!

From the other end of the deck looking up at garden here is the view for those who are curious.

Let's talk sunflowers.  It seems every day when I check/water my garden the sunflowers look different.  It's so fun watching the sunflowers grow.  I can't wait until they are fully grown.  One of the sunflowers might even getting taller than me.  I'll have to get a picture next to it once it's done growing.  :)


So far 2 sunflowers almost there.  There's another smaller one emerging.

In this view you can see how tall the bigger sunflower is.  It's past the height of the door handle on my back door.  :)  What do we have there?  A kitty!  Do you see kitty son Harley?

Harley was having fun sitting and waiting for me to come back inside.  He's also soaking up the sunshine.

Moving on to eggplant.....
This was what my eggplant looked like just yesterday morning.  Purple flower emerging.  How cool??

And then this morning........something magical.....look how pretty.  Keeps fingers crossed that I will get at least one eggplant.  :)


My biggest tomato right now is this guy.  He's getting bigger everyday.  This is a beef steak/stake tomato plant.  I bought it as a starter plant from the farmers market.  Here's a picture of him as a tiny plant.

It's doing so great.  My cherry tomatoes are doing well do.  It's LOADED!  I bought this particular cherry tomato plant from the farmers market one day too.  

I had to stake the beef stake because it was starting to lean.

Here's the cherry tomatoes.  I have a few yellow tomatoes on the bottom.  I'm guessing these will be yellow cherry tomatoes instead of red.  That's fine by me.  :)


I had to repot and stake the grey pot.  This is white potatoes.  I believe it's day 48 for them.  Same for the smaller pot.  The red pot has my red potatoes in it.  They are on day 88.  They will be ready in a few weeks.

I also repotted my watermelon.  They seem to be doing good.  I hope they keep growing.

Here's some yellow squash.  I've harvested one squash weeks ago.  Now the plant has taken off.  Guess the bees finally came around to pollinate.  :)

Here's another cucumber.  This one will probably be my next harvest from the plant.

My liliac bush clippings are okay.  I had 2 more stems die so I pulled them.  These are the last few ones.  Hopefully, they will make it.  The one clipping looks really healthy.

This week I harvested:



First cucumber and baby zucchini

Cucumber- Never grew them before and now I have.  This was from seeds I bought at the dollar tree.

A baby zucchini.  I harvested him because it was ready.  This was from seeds I bought at the dollar tree.

This morning, I harvested 4 more pea pods.  Bringing my total to 35 peas now.

So yummy....natures candy.

My experiment pepper seeds is still growing.  I have more sprouts now.  :)  

And in my dump pile where I put dead plants or used soil I have something growing.  It looks to be some sort of squash.  Maybe pumpkin?  It's going to be fun watching what comes from this.

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