May 11, 2014

Garden Update: Week 12

Well it's time for a garden update.  This is week 12.  It's amazing how much plants take off in a week.

On Monday, here's my garden soaking up the sunshine.

I got another pea pod.....and I savored each and every little pea.  :)

Peas please.....

And by the end of the week, I had more pea pods ready.

Yummy!  There's about 5 or 6 new pods on the plant right now.  One is almost ready to be picked.  If I remember correctly, so far I've gotten 12 pods.  :)

I picked another strawberry.  I'm thinking this might be the last one.  There's no signs of other berries on the plant.  :(

I picked some fresh lettuce a few days ago and I made a yummy salad with it.

I got new lettuce leaves already growing again.  :)

And the new lettuce plant I got yesterday is going to have to be picked sooner rather than later.  I can't wait to make a yummy salad with this.  How beautiful is that green lettuce?

Here's my tomato plant.  I'm still waiting it out to see if it got any damage from the flood.  I am sad to say that this week, I did lose my pepper plants that I tried saving.  :(  I was hoping they were going to make it but all the leaves fell off and at that point they are doomed so I dumped them.  

Here's my new beef steak tomato plant from the farmers market.

As an experiment I planted this whole inside of a bell pepper in a pot.  We'll see what happens.  :)

I have a white potato sprout.  It's actually bigger now but I forgot to get a picture today and it's dark outside right now.  :(  Do you see it?  :)

Oh I got my farm fresh eggs shells out.......

And I crushed them and then added them to the soil of some of the plants.

You can see the egg shells in the plant.  They are on my tomato plant here.

My squash plant is doing good.  This is one I got as a starter from the farmers market a few weekends ago.

Here's the container garden as of this evening.


Still have a lot peas are doing great.  I'll have more pods this week to eat.

Mixed bell peppers that hopefully will have peppers by Christmas.  They grow so SLOW.  LOL

Here's my watermelon.  These will need to be put outside soon.

My sunflowers

Cherry tomatoes.  Not sure why the rotated version of the picture won't save.  So, this is what you get.  So healthy and vibrant.  Eventually these will go outside but probably not until there are tomatoes.  I grew my cherry tomatoes inside last year as well and I didn't move them outside until I was ready for them to turn red.

My aloe plant keeps getting bigger.  I'm gonna need a bigger pot.  The pot next to it is some more mixed bell peppers.  

And that's it for this week.  :)  I know I will have a squash ready in a few days and some more pea pods.  That's probably all the harvest I'll get this week.  We'll see.  Happy Gardening!  :)

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