May 24, 2014

Farmers Market 5/24

I went to the farmers market bright and early this morning so I could get my produce for the week.  I love just walking around and seeing all the fresh veggies, plants and flowers.

I had $20 cash to spend and I left with $2.50.  :)

Strawberries, sugar snap peas, baby potatoes, zukes and squash.

I'm so glad more and more produce is coming in each and every weekend.

I got 2 of these last weekend and they were awesome.  I only got 1 basket today.  And I already used them up for dinner tonight.  :)

Regular squash and zukes.

I leave a nice sturdy produce box in my car for my goodies b/c it's easier to travel home with them spread out in the box.  When not in use the box fits perfectly behind my seat with my market tote bag.

Here's everything I got.

marigold plant
5 red potaotes
sugar snap peas
radish bunch
baby zucchini
bonita squash
1 greenhouse tomato

Farm Fresh and locally grown.

Last week, I saw the radishes and knew I wanted to get some this weekend to try.  I tried one raw earlier and they have a kick to them.  I sliced some up and cooked it in dinner tonight.  The are good cooked with other veggies.

I was delighted to see freshly picked sugar snap peas!!  :)

Marigolds.....I couldn't leave them behind so I got this plant.

This past week, I signed up for a farmers market challenge.  It's a pledge that you will spend at least $10 per week at a local farmers market.  If you are in Virginia you can pledge too.  Why buy from a local farmers market?  It helps our farmers and it's food you feel good about eating.  Buy local!  :)

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