May 16, 2014

Garden Update: Week 13 (Part 2)

I have some updates to share.

I harvested pea pod number 13 a few days ago which is appropriate since I'm on week 13 of my garden.  :)

7 tasty peas

I also harvested lettuce from the plant I bought last weekend from the farmers market.  So much yummy lettuce.  I had a delicious salad with some of it.  (The basket is from the Dollar tree.  I got it last summer).

So another storm was on the way for Thursday afternoon/overnight.  On Wednesday, my husband helped me move my plants and cover them with a tarp.  I did not want anything to flood like last time.

Here's one side of the deck with pots under shelter.

Here's the other side of deck with other pots.

I had no room for the sunflowers so I put them up against the window.  They had a little coverage there.  But I've noticed the sunflowers like a lot of water so I knew they would be okay. 
I neatly stacked the water jugs, broom and harvest basket in corner.

The rain finally stopped this morning.  The winds and rain were so loud and strong this morning.  It woke me up at 5am.  All I could think about was my garden.  This morning before work I checked on everything.  The tarps did an okay job.  Some plants on the end got some water though.  I made sure everything was tucked in again with the tarp.  I wasn't sure how much more rain we were going to get.

When I got home this afternoon, I took the tarps off and dumped out some extra water in a few of the pots that got rain.  

Here's one of my tomato plants.  Soaked!  :(

Here's the other 2 pots that got a lot of water.  The one with flowers is one that got a lot of rain during the last flood.  So did the other pot which has tulip bulbs.  I'm probably going to dump these out tomorrow.  They smell really bad.

We have a huge copper kettle on our deck that sits in the corner.  It's a family item from my husbands side of the family.  It was in a recent garage fire at my father-in-laws.  
My husband wanted to keep it.  The water in it is from the rain we got yesterday.

I then moved everything back to the middle of the deck.

I've been worried about my eggplant this week but to my amazement I see new leaf growth so I think it's okay.  I'm wondering if eggplants are sensitive to too much sun?

Here's my basil.  I need to harvest some tomorrow.

I checked my sunflowers and was surprised.  

I have sunflowers!!!  I did it!!!  Well almost!!  :)  
Now I just have to wait for the sunflower to fully grow and change color.

I used lettuce I got from the farmers market last weekend.  I figured I would try to regrow more lettuce from the bunch.  We'll see if it works.  :)

Here's the lettuce in the pot.

My red potatoes are still growing.

My white potatoes are getting bigger every day.

I checked over my cucumbers and was happy to see tiny little cucumbers all over the plant.

Here's the whole plant.


No more strawberries.  But I do have some new leaves.  That's a good sign!

After everything was back in place I harvested some more lettuce this evening.  It seems to grow so fast.

Here's some more Iris' from the front flower bed.

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