May 4, 2014

Ellie is 1!

My niece turned 1 yesterday!!  Where has the time gone??  It seems like it was yesterday I was waiting in the hospital for her taking her time to arrive.

Cute sign on the front door!

My sister, Ashley threw a beautiful hot air balloon themed party.  I was late b/c I was working but came as soon as I could.  I got there right in time for the cake.  :)

She wasn't to sure about her cake at first.  She touched it for a little bit before she tasted it and had the icing on her hands and sort of inspected it.  haha
(photo credit:  husband, Nate)

Then my sister cut a slice and she picked it up and took a bite like a little lady.
(photo credit:  Nate)

And then she got a big chunk of cake.  She liked it!  :)
(photo credit:  Nate)

Here's Ellie and me.  I'm showing her some of her baby pictures and of course she has to touch them.
(photo credit:  sister, Natalie)

The morning before I headed out I checked my peas and had 4 new pods ready to be harvested.  I picked them for Ellie since she loves peas.  She's already eaten all of them.  :)

Happy Birthday Ellie Bellie!  :)

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