May 26, 2014

Garden Update: Week 15 (Part 1)

I checked over my garden this afternoon.  I wanted to check for squash bugs and eggs.  I didn't find any.

I moved the cucumber leaves off the ground and under the leaves I found a cucumber.  This cucumber is bigger than the other one I have on the plant.  YAY!!  :)

I also discovered this black jumping spider on the outside of the cucumber pot.  I didn't squish the spider because it was carrying a DEAD squash bug.  :)  So, this spider gets to stay.  He/She is protecting my plants.

Here's my first beef steak tomato up close.

Marigolds from farmers market.

Harley was waiting and watching me on the deck tending to my container garden.  He looks like he's getting sleepy.  :)

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