June 1, 2014

Saturday Farmers Markets

Yesterday, I met at my BFF's in Richmond so we could go around to a bunch of Farmers Markets and check them out.

We first stopped off at the crowded and very popular South of the James Farmers Market.

After we finally got a place to park we walked about to the vendors.

Here's some fresh pasta for sale.

My friend, Kristen got in line to get some mushrooms and some lady who was clearly unaware of her surrounding just cut in front of Kristen.  RUDE!  We moved on checking out other vendors.

I found some good looking tomatoes and peas.  Too expensive for my taste when I pay much cheaper in my town for this same farm fresh produce.  

More peas (sorry some of the pictures are blurry)

Pretty flowers

Yellow squash

Yummy delicious and overpriced strawberries.  :)

After finding a child left unattended in a stroller and tripping over people's dogs we figured it was time to head back out.  Too crowded and overpriced.

We pulled up my farmstand app and checked to see where to go next.  We went to Midlothian Mines Farmers Market.  There was nothing there.  We were disappointed so we drove to another.  La Plaze Latino Farmers Market.  This was closed too.  :(

Then we went to The farmers market at St. Stephen's Church.

Yey, the sign was out and we saw the vendor tents as we pulled in the parking lot.  We had about 15 min before the market was over for the day so we hurried in and walked around.

We loved this one and we were excited to walk around and check things out.  We should have just gone here to begin with.  :)

Fresh squash and zukes.

Bonita Sqaush

More veggies


We met my sister and niece for lunch.

After lunch we headed back to the Midlothian Mines farmers market and finally some tents....but only 4 and only 1 vendor with produce.  Disappointing. :(

Here's my bounty......1 large squash, 1 large zucchini, small bundle of zucchini and some peas.

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