June 21, 2014

Garden Update: Week 18

Garden Update:  Week 18

Some tomatoes ready to pick.

Got 3 off the plant.

I picked 2 squash

1 little zucchini freshly harvested.

I picked 7 pea pods.  

And then on another day I picked 2 more tomatoes.

I took tomatoes and peas to work as a snack.

I discovered a cucumber.  This little guy is growing so fast.  I'm probably going to pick it tomorrow.

Some cucumber blossoms.  You can see how big the cucumber has gotten just in a few days at bottom right.

My basil has grown back up.  :)  I need to pick some.

I have some new eggplant blossoms.  I also have some bugs eating the leaves.  :(

This morning, I picked another tomato.

This is my first daisy that popped for the year.  So pretty.  I can't wait until they all pop.  It always looks so pretty.  These are in my front flower bed.  I also have star gazer lillies which have popped too.

I keep finding ladybugs on the daisies.  :)

This one is my favorite.  :)  I almost picked her up and put her in my garden but I figured she was happy with the daisies so I left her alone.

I have several peppers.

I picked this pepper today.

Still waiting for this guy to turn red.

Both my lettuce plants are done.  They have been bolting and I read that it's because they don't like heat.  We've had some real humid days here in Virginia lately.  I think they look pretty though, so I think I'll let them continue bolting for now.  The lettuce probably isn't edible because once it bolts it gets a bitter taste.

Here's my watermelon plant.

Little blossoms on it today.


This is my carnival squash.

Blossoms on this too.

I dug up 12 potatoes yesterday.

That's pretty much everything that happened this week.  :)  Happy Gardening!

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