June 17, 2014

Blueberry and Raspberry picking 2014

I had off again today so I decided to go to Millers Farms Market and pick some blueberries and raspberries.  This is the same farm that I picked strawberries at last month.  The farm posted on their facebook page yesterday that they had berries ready for picking for $4 per pound.  I was happy and knew I was going to go today.

I pulled in the lot and saw the U-Pick sign.  :)  There were 2 mini vans and no other vehicles so I was glad it wasn't crowded.  It sure was hot though.  After I got out of the car I sprayed on the sunscreen.  I also put on my garden hat.  I brought it just in case and I'm glad I did.  :)

I headed to the hut to grab my basket.

The shed had the rules for you.  Plus baskets for you to put your berries in.

I saw the blueberry patch and headed over.

I asked a young mom with her kids "how do you know to pick" since I'd never done it and she pointed out the different colors and said to "only pick the blue ones".

See the different colors?  There's green, pinkish and then blue.  Only pick the blue ones.  They come off really easy.  Once you pick just add to your basket.

Here's the first blueberries I picked.

Look at all those beautiful blueberries.

I will say if you go just be careful.  There's a lot of bees attracted to the fruits.  And most of them are buzzing around some wild flowers around the blueberry bushes.  I wore flip flops and just made sure I watched where I stepped.  I didn't want to get stung.  :)


More blueberries

I tasted 2 blueberries and they were delicious!  :)

Trio of blueberries

Up close....I picked all 3 and added to my basket.

Here's me in the blueberry patch with my hat.  I don't even care if I looked goofy, I was glad I had it.

I picked a few more blueberries.

I then headed over to the raspberries.  They are next to the blackberries.

The blackberries aren't in yet.  All I saw was flowers.

I went to the right to the raspberries.  I heard a cute farmer boy say that the ripened raspberries were on the row next to the blackberries.

Here's the row I went down.  I did go all the way to the end so I could pick a few black raspberries that were ready to be picked.

Such pretty and sweet raspberries.  The bees loved these too.  Again I just watched where I stepped and grabbed.  I did wish I had gloves for these.  A thorn scratched my finger and it hurt but I kept on picking.  It didn't stop me.  hahaha

The best raspberries I found were down low or in the middle.

I got to the black raspberries and to me they are more of a dark purple color.  I tried one and I didn't think it was a sweet as the red variety.  So, I only picked a few of the black ones.

Lots of raspberries

Here's the raspberry patch.

This is a picture of me looking back up the row I just walked down from the raspberry sign.

Here's all the blueberries and raspberries I got.

I headed across to the farm market to have my berries weighed and then paid for them.  I only picked what I knew my husband and I would eat.  Together, I paid $6 and some change!  Pretty good deal!  :)  

Here's some pictures I took of the berries when I got home.



Black Raspberry

I got to keep the little baskets which I thought were adorable.  :)

It was a wonderful day off.  :) Back to work tomorrow.

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