June 16, 2014

Garden Update: Week 17

It's time for another Garden update.  This is week 17.  Sorry it's late.

Earlier in the week, the potato flowers opened up real pretty.

I had a lovely visitor in my garden.  A dragonfly.

I also found a few ladybugs.  YAY!!  I'd been wanting to find some and I did.  Here's proof of one.

I harvested some veggies.

I got a good amount.  

1 cucumber, 1 zucchini, 2 squash, some lettuce and 3 yellow cherry tomatoes.

My big sunflower is still beautiful.  Here I am with my gardening hat with my sunflower.

I love my sunflower!

So pretty.

It's losing some leaves.  I've also found a lot of small bugs on the leaves.  Damn bugs.  I keep picking them off but they are eating the leaves.

I repotted yesterday and also cleaned up some pots.  The 2 big pots my dad gave me for my garden.  I e-mailed him some pictures of my garden and he loved it.  He said I was doing a good job.  :)

My red potatoes plant is just about dead.  There's a few branches that haven't died yet so I'm waiting until all the leaves are completely dead before I 'dig' up potatoes.  I can't wait.

I repotted the little potato plant.  It sure did take a while for this guy to get going but now it's taking off.

Here's the garden yesterday afternoon.  Happy!  :)

Here's me sitting on the step getting a selfie.

On Sundays, I fill up my water jugs with the hose. 

I also sprayed my feet.  It felt so good.  It was sooooo hot outside.

Yesterday, I picked some more yellow cherry toms.  MMMMM!!!

There's sooooo many tomatoes on this little plant.  I had to stake it because it was falling over.

My carnival squash is doing great.  So green and healthy.  I picked a squash bug off of it yesterday.  He kept slowly creeping under the stems but I got his little ass and put him in the jar.  :)

I have some peppers.......they are getting bigger and bigger.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on horned caterpillars.  I don't want them getting to my plant.

Another pepper.  It's bigger each day.  :)

Here's my watermelon.  :)

Here's me again.  :)

The plant in my dump area seems to be doing good.  I put a jug of water next to it for easy access for when I water it.  I think the plant might be pumpkin.  Guess we'll see.

My basil flowers I brought in the house and still flowered.  Some have fallen off and new ones have come in.  I also noticed something.....

There's roots........hmmmmmm.

My inside plants are good.  I have some pea pods that I'll probably pick tomorrow.  I pulled back the blind on the tomatoes and discovered......

My first red cherry tom of the season that I grew from seed!!!!!  Do you see it?

Sorry pictures aren't the best but here it is.  :)

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