June 1, 2014

Garden Update: Week 15 (Part 2)

My container garden update:

It's doing really well.  Everything is growing great and it all seems happy.

I snipped off some flowers that were growing on my basil plant.  I came across this blog from pinterest that says to get those flowers off your basil plant so your basil grows more.  So, that's what I did.

I've left it in my kitchen window and now the flowers have finally popped.

Here's my lettuce plants......

Gonna need to harvest them soon.

Yesterday, I harvested 10 peas.  This now brings my total to 31.  I gave most of them to my niece yesterday since she loves peas.  :)

I saw on Friday that I had a few new strawberry blossoms.  YAY!

Strawberry plant this morning.

When watering my peppers this morning I was really happy with what I saw.

Pepper flowers!

My eggplant is doing very well.

Oh my experiment pepper seed clump.....has a sprout!!!!!  Do you see it?

Here's a close-up.

Here's my good tomato plant.  I have 1 good tomato on the plant so far.  :)  I also have some new tomato blossoms.  :)

I have a zucchini growing!!  :)

I also have baby squash!!

I re-potted the marigolds I got from the farmers market last weekend.

My liliac clippings were water logged from rains we got this past week.

I re-potted it with a nice clean pot, fresh soil and I threw out the dead clippings.

Here's my lavender now.  It's crazy how fast it's growing.

My carnival squash is doing well.

Here's all the squash/zucchini plants together.

One of my tomato plants was done.  The blossoms all died, it was flooded and it smelled so rancid.  I dumped it and cleaned out the pot real good.

Inside I have my peas, some sunflowers, aloe plant and my cherry tomatoes.  

I think the peas might be about done.  A lot of the leaves have browned and dried up.

Cherry tomatoes have a few yellow blossoms!  :)

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