May 4, 2014

Willy Wonka Jr (Date night)

On Friday night, Nate and I went to to see Willy Wonka Jr.  It was a date night for us.  :)  The show was adorable!!  I love all the plays that Stage Door Productions put on.  
All the actors/actresses do such a wonderful good job.  Some, I recognized from past shows I've seen.

Here's the front of the program.

No pictures were allowed to be taken.  The pictures below are from Stage Door Productions facebook page.

Here's all the kids (with a parent) that won a golden ticket!

Charlie is talking to his mom in their house.  Charlie's dad is reading the newspaper and all the grandparents are sharing a big bed.

My favorite scene was of Violet Beauregarde inflating into a giant blueberry.  :)  I remember this actress from when I saw Little Mermaid.  She played Sebastian.  :)

Here's Charlie, his grandpa and Willy Wonka!  
(I actually know the Willy Wonka Actor.  He's the son of my traffic reporter at work.  And my traffic reporter also did all the costuming!!)

The whole cast!

It was a great show!!!  I can't wait to see what they'll do next.  :)

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