June 30, 2015

June Challenge

For the last few months I have been walking/jogging for my health.

I kept up walking/jogging for the month of June.  I still keep the incline on 3.0 for walking.  I jump up to 4.0 when jogging.  The incline still stays on 3.0.


1st-  20 minutes- 1 mile
2nd- 20 minutes- 1 mile
3rd- 20 minutes- 1 mile
4th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
5th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
7th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
8th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
9th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
10th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
11th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
12th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
13th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
14th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
15th- REST (pulled muscle in leg)
16th- REST (pulled muscle in leg)
17th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
18th- REST- Tired
19th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
21st- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
22nd- 20 minutes- 1 mile
23rd- REST- Tired
24th- REST- Tired
25th- 40 minutes- 2 miles
26th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
28th- 1 hour- 3.1 miles
29th- 20 minutes- 1 mile
30th- 20 minutes- 1 mile

= 33.5 miles for the MONTH!  I didn't walk as much as I did in April or May but I still try to get in walks/jogs when I can.  I did overdo it one weekend and pulled a muscle in my leg.  My husband made me take a few days to rest.  I also had a few days where I was too tired to get on the treadmill so I rested those days.  I'm still happy that I got walks in on days that I could.  I know there's times where I won't be able to get a walk/jog in and that's okay.  I'm eating better with cheats only now and then and I feel good.  :)

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